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Enerjisa Enerji and Brisa have the goal to increase the number of fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Turkey

8 fast electrical charging stations have been put into operation so far as part of the partnership of Eşarj, the first and fastest network of electrical charging stations with majority of shares owned by Enerjisa Enerji, and Brisa, the leading company in tyre sector which offers uninterrupted travel experiences to its customers. The number of charging stations commissioned at Otopratik stores, fast maintenance service chain of Brisa, is expected to be increased to 17 by the end of the year to completely support fast charging.

Becoming the fastest charging station network with 468 plug-in vehicle charging stations at 251 locations across Turkey, Eşarj has signed an agreement with Brisa in 2019, the leading company in tyre sector which aims to offer uninterrupted travel experience to its customers. As part of the agreement, Brisa started building electric vehicle charging stations at the selected Otopratik stores included in its fast maintenance and service chain. Accordingly, a total of 8 stations began offering services in Brisa Otopratik stores in Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli, Antalya, Tekirdağ, Trabzon and Adana provinces. Brisa and Eşarj have the goal to increase the number of fast charging stations to 17 by the end of this year with the new agreement regarding these stations which is a significant component in popularising EV drive.

As per the agreement signed by and between the parties following the recent increase in numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles in our country, the goal is to increase the number of stations to 17 with the addition of Otopratik points in Mersin, Ankara, Amasya and Diyarbakır provinces in the following days and to raise the number of available plugs to approximately 50.

Enerjisa Enerji closely follows the global energy trends and the dynamics in Turkey and acts with the awareness of the importance of e-mobility which sits at the centre of these trends in terms of reducing carbon emissions and achieving 2030 and 2050 goals adopted throughout the world. Thus, Eşarj conducts various studies related with the implementation of eco-friendly technologies and saving measures in terms of energy and natural resource utilisation by focusing on sustainability and prides itself on being the first electrical charging station operator with International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC) in Turkey.

"As the first charging station company which has reached 150,000 charging sessions, we have the goal to increase this number exponentially thanks to the partnerships we build."

Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji and Chairman of Eşarj, indicated that the increasing number of EVs led to the increase in service networks in this area and continued his words as follows: “Sustainability and carbon footprint are in the agenda of not only our country, but the whole world, and have great importance in terms of our operation area. As we have mentioned before, we have the goal to contribute to carbon emission with 2.5 million tons by the year of 2030. To this end, we progress step by step particularly with the contributions of our partnerships. In this sense, the related partnerships with Brisa is a significant milestone. As a matter of fact, we believe it creates a multiplier effect. As the first charging station company which has reached 150,000 charging sessions in 2021, when whole world significantly felt the impacts of the pandemic, we have the goal to increase this number exponentially thanks to the partnerships we build. We will continue with our investments and works in this area in line with the increasing activity in EV market and day-by-day increase in the number of EVs on the roads."

"As part of changing mobility habits, we accelerate our works to offer our customers an uninterrupted travel experience."

Brisa CEO Haluk Kürkçü conveyed his thoughts about the partnerships and made the following statement: “As the leader in tyre sector in Turkey, we accelerate our works in this area in line with the changing consumer habits and new requirements in the area of mobility. As part of this effort and with the goal to become the leading company in mobility transformation in our sector, we joined forces with Eşarj to offer charging solutions for electric vehicles. Following extensive field surveys and infrastructure works, we started to extend our Eşarj service in our Otopratik stores which are single-points for all kinds of service and maintenance requirements. Particularly with the stations including the state-of-the-art technologies and fast charging capacities, we provide high-quality services to users who prefer EVs. I want to thank our service points and business partners who took this road alongside us. We will continue to make our services available as well as diversifying and improving our services in line with the needs of the users."

About Eşarj:
Eşarj, majority shares of which were bought by Enerjisa in 2018 and which provides charging solutions for electric vehicles, became the first and fastest electric vehicle charging station network with 468 outputs across Turkey. Eşarj opened the first public station and the first fast charging stations in Turkey. Eşarj will reach to a global scale as a Turkish brand by improving its development in energy storage field with its investments in USA, Europe and Middle East parallel to the growth of domestic electric vehicle sector in Turkey.

About Brisa:
The foundation of Brisa goes back to the establishment of the Lassa brand in 1974 as a result of the initiative of Sabancı Holding and its partners. Brisa received its current name with the partnership agreement signed by and between Sabancı Holding and Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, in 1988 in line with the developments in the tyre sector across the world and the Company left 30 years behind. Turkey is the leader in the tyre industry.

Having won the first National Quality Award in 1993, Brisa became the first Turkish enterprise to be awarded with the European Quality Award in 1996 as a result of its superior performance in business excellence. With an indoor area of 361,000 m2, Brisa Kocaeli Manufacturing Plant is one of the world’s largest manufacturing plants gathered under one roof and is one of the most important manufacturing facilities of Bridgestone in the world. Brisa established the first factory in the sector equipped with smart applications in Aksaray Organised Industrial Zone. Lassa brand produced by Brisa operates in over 80 countries with 80 distributors and has 610 stores with signboards.

Caring for social development in the country as much as Turkish economy, Brisa conducts its sustainability works in terms of environment, economy and society. "Let The Cranes Fly" that contributed to biodiversity, "Brisa Employees Support for Learning Association" that contributed to education, "Lassa Get On The Road Safely" and "Bridgestone #2minutesforoursafety" that contributed to safe driving in traffic, "Our Love in For Land and Our Future is Common with Lassa" that supported the agricultural development in our country and "Brisa Museum" that is a cultural asset are among its prominent projects.

Brisa is committed to create value for Turkish economy and development together with its Bridgestone, Lassa, Dayton, Kinesis, Firestone tyre brands, Bandag plating brand, its main brands, Lastiğim, Otopratik and Propratik service points, Lastik.com.tr sales website, Mobilfix mobile maintenance service and Profleet service package offering on-site maintenance for commercial vehicle fleets, Probox mobile sales and service point and Lastik Oteli tyre storage service.

** This press release is being presented solely for informational purposes. It should not be treated as giving investment advice, nor is it intended to provide the basis for any evaluation or any securities and should not be considered as a recommendation that any person should purchase, hold or dispose of any shares or other securities and it may contain forward-looking statements based on current assumptions and forecasts made by the management of Enerjisa and Enerjisa subsidiaries/affiliates and other information currently available to the related companies. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of the company and the estimates given here. Except to the extent required by law, Enerjisa and Enerjisa subsidiaries/affiliates do not intend, and do not assume any liability whatsoever, to update these forward-looking statements or to conform them to future events or developments.