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Enerjisa Distribution Wins Sector’s First Stevie Award for Customer Services.


In an industry first, Enerjisa Distribution has taken home bronze at the Stevie International Business Awards in the category for “Customer Services Department of the Year”. General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution, Murat Pınar, stressed that both new investments and practices focusing all processes on the customer have allowed them to continue improving on service quality.

Distribution companies for Turkey’s leading energy provider Enerjisa – AYEDAŞ, Başkent and Toroslar – were awarded at the Stevie International Business Awards 2017, asserting their position among the world’s top companies. Enerjisa won bronze in the “Customer Services Department of the Year” category at the 14th Stevie International Business Awards held this year.

Stating that their customer-oriented understanding helps them constantly strive towards better goals, General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution, Murat Pınar, said the following; “With the regions covered by AYEDAŞ, Başkent and Toroslar we provide electricity distribution services to 14 provinces and 20 million people. The great weight of responsibility at having such a large proportion of the population dependent on our services inspires us to constantly improve. In order to meet our customers’ needs in all areas with our goal of always providing the best service possible, we based our operational plans on sustainable customer satisfaction. Through our comprehensive customer relations operation and with our goal of achieving excellence we provide our subscribers who increase in number year on year with 24/7 call centers in three regions serviced by our 800-person strong workforce. Meanwhile, we continue to reach out to our customers and keep up with the latest innovations and customer trends through new channels such as Twitter, Facebook, SMS and mobile apps. We are immensely proud to have this first under our belt and to be bringing home the award for both our country and the industry. This prestigious award has proved yet again how valuable our work is and how deserving it is of recognition on the international stage. We will continue aiming towards improving our work in the regions covered by AYEDAŞ, Başkent and Toroslar.”