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Enerjisa and Ak Yatırım Collaborate to Complete Turkey’s Largest Ever Corporate Bond Issue.

3 March 2017

Enerjisa’s CEO Kıvanç Zaimler and Ak Yatırım’s General Manager Mert Erdoğmuş highlighted how with Ak Yatırım’s consultancy they were able to complete the market’s largest ever corporate bond issue, stating that this large issuance has created new resources through which Enerjisa can finance its investment program.

On March 2, 2017, Enerjisa Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.(EEDAŞ) , which has three electricity distribution and three retail sales companies under its umbrella, completed Turkey’s largest ever corporate debt instrument issuance. This four-year CPI linked bond issue to the amount of 405 million Turkish lira aims to create further resources to finance our investment program. Speaking about how twice the amount of requests projected were collected on March 1, Enerjisa’s CEO, Kıvanç Zaimler, drew attention to the energy sector’s dynamic structure; “We need to increase the sector’s investment portfolio and bring a bit more transparency to the sector. In order to do this, firstly we need to protect our strong financing structure and our transparency and continue being a company that looks securely into the future. With our experience we are constantly contributing to the sector’s development, playing an important role in bringing it up to corporate standards. As a company we continue to make investments by uniting people focused services with our technical infrastructure. And we will continue to invest in sustainable energy. Following the two bond issues we conducted in the second half of last year, as another first for Turkey this issuance has provided us with additional financing both for our new investments and refinancing existing loans.” He also remarked that this success underlines our ambition to target even more issuances in the future..

Meanwhile, Ak Yatırım’s General Manager Mert Erdoğmuş said the following; “Every issuance we brokered in 2016 had its own particularities, contributing value to the sector. In 2017, we will continue to brokerage groundbreaking issues. We take justified pride in the fact that our country’s leading electricity supplier and key retail sales sector player Enerjisa has successfully completed Turkey’s largest ever non-financial bond issue. The total issuance of this four-year CPI linked bond was twice what was projected on the market. Investments in roadshow meetings covering an extensive area played an important role in ensuring a large audience of investors was reached. We think that we have made a very significant contribution to the capital markets with our consulting services for and mediation of Turkey's largest ever non-financial private sector debt instrument issued, totaling 405 million lira, issued according to great demand by investors. As a result of this issuance, as Ak Yatırım we have further strengthened our position as the leading bond issuer in the private sector.”

About Enerjisa
A subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa was founded in 1996. As the electricity market leader with its portfolio aiming to create value for every party in the electrical supply chain, customer and market focused working models, and productivity and technology based production and supply investments, Enerjisa provides services in the four main areas of electricity production, supply, trade and sales, alongside the natural gas industry. Holding an installed power capacity of roughly 3,600 megawatts, Enerjisa provides electricity to its 9 million subscribers and 20 million users across 14 provinces.

About Ak Yatırım
Ak Yatırım was founded on December 11, 1996 in accordance with the Capital Market Law and legislative provisions required to conduct capital market activities. A 100% affiliate of Akbank T.A.Ş, Ak Yatırım’s paid-up capital is 30,000,000 TL. With its approximately 200 employees, since its foundation Ak Yatırım has demonstrated fast and stable development, with a service understanding based on an experienced sales force, detailed research reports and customer focus, offering all capital market products to its individual and corporate customers. Through its 10 branches located at key centers, central sales team, and the expert and experienced staff based at its headquarters, Ak Yatırım provides a friendly, quality, fast, and reliable service to its investors in all capital market products. Through the “TradeAll” brand it conducts all kinds of operations related to the market for its investors both at home and abroad securely, easily and quickly.