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Efficiency campaign from Enerjisa!

Jan 12, 2017

Enerjisa, Philips Lighting and CarrefourSA undersigned an important collaboration in Energy Efficiency Week. The campaign targets granting energy efficiency via LED bulbss to be sold for 2.90 TL at CarrefourSA stores.

Believing in the fact that energy saving will start from households, Enerjisa has initiated the campaign 'Protect Your Energy' in December 2016 for all the individuals in Turkey to be responsible for energy saving. With the awareness that there are many ways to save energy at every moment of life, Enerjisa increase its collaborations to provide solutions that will reduce consumption while providing saving suggestions to its customers through saving campaigns.

Targeting a sustainable world and a better energy future, within the frame of Enerjisa's collaboration with Philips Lighting and CarrefourSA, the consumers who make purchase of 30 TL at CarrefourSA, will be able to buy Philips Essential 4 watt LED bulb for 2.90 TL between the dates January 13-16 and January 27-30. Though this campaign, it will be possible to save electricity up to 134 TL per year with an investment cost of 35 TL in a household with 12 lighting points. Consumers who shop at CarrefourSA stores throughout Turkey will be able to learn how they can save more energy at home, from the store staff who are trained on energy saving.

Enerjisa Sales Companies General Manager Hüseyin Çağlar gave information about the Campaign and said "The aim of awareness raising activities that we started with our "Protect Energy" communication campaign is to create consumption behavior changes for all consumers, whether they are Enerjisa customers or not. We believe that it is possible to achieve great gains through small behavioral changes. In addition, we will continue to invest in solutions that will provide consumer benefit through brand collaborations and product developments concerning saving."

Enerjisa has started its website www.enerjinikoru.com, where the suggestions on savings can be obtained and users can evaluate how sensitive they are about energy efficiency. Enerjisa, which gives tips on saving via television and digital channels through a cartoon character named 'Positip' by the votes of social media followers on its web site, offers consumers with suggestions for efficiency at home through its new campaign. Users accessing the website can also find out how efficiently they use energy via a small test on the site.