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Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc. Renovated Lighting Systems!

Başkent Electricity Distribution Company, with the aim to provide better services to its customers, performs maintenance and repair work on existing lighting systems.

Taken over by Enerjisa Group in 2009, Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc. (Başkent EDAŞ), has made an additional initiative to its improvement and development operations conducted to provide better quality and permanent electricity service. As well as the improvement of the environment and traffic safety, Lighting System Improvement Project initiated in order to illuminate and attain a more aesthetic appearance of the city has been compeleted.

Başkent EDAŞ which is one of the largest electricity distribution networks in Turkey has changed lighting equipment which has attained its economic life, and maintained and repaired the ones failing to work but still within its economic life though effected by external factors.

Between the dates 14 June - 14 July 2010, the project was conducted across Başkent EDAŞ region, armature glasses with lighting quality due to adverse weather conditions and air pollution have been dismantled, cleaned and mounted again. The broken and unusable armatures due to external factors were changed with the new ones.

By the execution of a planned periodic maintenance and repair work in the future, problems will be solved before they accumulate.

Improving Lighting System Project with Numbers;

Within the frame of the Project, across Başkent EDAŞ region serving 3.2 million customers

  • 6334 new armatures were installed.
  • 16277 armatures were repaired.
  • A total of 76670 armatures were made active.
  • Lighting equipment maintenance in 1348 neighborhoods and villages were made.
  • Throughout 2290 kilometers across Ankara, the maintenance and repair of street and boulevard lightings were made.

Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc.

Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc., serves about 3.2 million customers at one of Turkey's largest electricity distribution region, mainly in Ankara, Çankırı, Kırıkkale, Karabük, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Bartın.

Enerjisa Electricity Distribution Company, resuming its operations under the joint venture of Sabancı Holding which is one of Turkey's largest industrial and financial conglomerates and Austria's energy leader Verbund, as of 28.01.2009, has acquired the operating rights of the Baskent Electricity Distribution Inc. through a block sale of 100% of shares.

Enerjisa, with an increasing the quality of service, aims to set Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc. an example service provider for Europe in terms of customer satisfaction and operational quality.