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Başkent Edaş Sports Club Became the Champion in Ankara.

Başkent EDAŞ Sports Club, which provides sports and self improvement opportunities for more than 100 youngsters, continued to achieve successful results and became the champion of Ankara in categories U17 and U19.

Başkent EDAŞ Sports Club, creating social added value by protecting our young people from bad habits and supporting their development in the field of sports and education, continues to achieve successful results this year as well as it did in the past years.

Başkent EDAŞ Sports Club, which continues its activities with the voluntary contributions of its employees, 101 athletes managed by 2 coaches and 1 assistant coach take on under the Categories U19, U17, U16 and U15. Our Club, which supports the physical and mental development of young people between the ages 15-19, also prepares them for future at the same time by providing them to take part in a team.

Başkent EDAŞ Sports Club, which has continued with its sports successes in the categories of U17 and U19 came out of the group as the leader, became the champion of Ankara by defeating Yapıspor with a score 4-0 in the final of the U19 category which it was qualified for, through group competitions. Our Club has also obtained the right to represent Ankara in the Turkey Championship which will be organized in May 2011.

Our U17 team has also become the champion of Ankara, participated in the Turkey Championship in this category and exhibited the success to be qualified for the finals.

We congratulate our youngsters and their coaches for these great achievements, and we strongly believe that they will continue to achieve the similar successful results in the coming years.