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Award for Enerjisa at Smart Cities Congress


Enerjisa was awarded for its contributions to the industry at the International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair. Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler, who received the award, said that they will continue to work in a customer-oriented manner.

The International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG 2017) was launched at the Istanbul Congress Center in partnership with Italy. Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler was presented with the prize at the summit for the company’s contribution to the industry. Stating that he was proud to receive the award, Zaimler said, “In all of our activities, our focus is our customers. We are working to meet the needs of our customers regarding electrical energy with the latest technology and innovative products. It is very valuable for us to crown our efforts with this award.”


Murat Pınar, General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution Companies and ELDER Board Member, made a speech at the summit attended by delegations from 30 different countries, and stated that smart cities should be developed specifically for the people of the region by noticing the difference that could be created in human life and by looking at local needs and dynamics. He underlined that they had started the first smart city application as Enerjisa Distribution Companies in Turkey with the “Management of Critical Infrastructures Project (KRİTA)” in Gaziantep, and said that the project, which will cost 3.6 million TL, will be completed in June 2018. Giving information in his speech about electric vehicles, which will be one of the important branches of KRİTA, Pınar continued as follows: "In 2014 we started a project in this area and added 18 electric BMW i3 cars to the company's car park, which we used for two years. The application revealed that electrical cars can travel 100 kilometers on energy that costs 5-6 TL. This amount corresponds to one fourth, even less, of the fuel spent by a medium-class gasoline and diesel vehicle.”

Stating that he has been elected as a board member at Eurogia2020 Community in his speech at the congress, Pınar added that practices abroad will be transferred to Turkey in the upcoming period.