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Another Award for Enerjisa from World Business Couincil for Sustainable Development

'Mobile Jacking Central' Project, commissioned in Baskent EDAS, AYEDAS and Toroslar EDAS, has brought an award for Enerjisa. Enerjisa, providing occupational health, safety and mobility gain by the subject Project, is granted with "Economic Innovative Application" Award in Large Companies Category by World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

At the II.Innovative Sustainability Practices Competition organized by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Enerjisa EDAS is granted with "Economic Innovative Application " Award for the "Mobile Jacking Central" Project.

Easy, rapid and safe design

The Mobile Jacking Central Project, which has been implemented at 31 units commissioned in Enerjisa Baskent EDAS distribution regions, AYEDAS and Toroslar EDAS since 2014, providing increase in time savings driven profitability and productivity as well as its modern container design advantage which contributes to the environment by not requiring heavy floor renovations in smaller areas, has attracted attentions by its capability of providing the maximum level of occupational health and safety rapidly and easily on sites in terms of software and hardware.