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A ‘first’ in Turkey from Eşarj: Recharge Point

Eşarj, the first charging station company in Turkey with the highest number of fast charging stations and of which Enerjisa Enerji owns hundred percent of its shares, launched the rest area 'Recharge', which will offer drivers a comfortable experience during their travels.
Eşarj, which is the first charging station company in Turkey with the highest number of fast charging stations and a subsidiary of Enerjisa Enerji, the leading electricity distribution, retail and customer solutions company in Turkey that pioneers the energy transformation in Turkey, continues taking distinctive steps in offering its customers experiences that inspire the industry. Eşarj introduced the first 'Recharge Point’, a rest point where drivers can rest and enjoy their time while re-charging their vehicles, in Söke, Aydın.

Offering complimentary services at the Recharge Point

Eşarj customers will be able to quickly recharge their vehicles with 2 DC Chargers of 120 kW capacity at the station where the Recharge Point is located, and will be able to take another break at the next Recharge Point. Standing out with the facilities within the station, including TV, internet connection, coffee machine and kids' playground, Recharge Point will be a pleasant stop for drivers to take a break and refresh during the hot summer days. Eşarj aims to provide EV drivers and passengers to get to enjoy an exclusive and comfortable rest area that they could not have experienced before. The first Recharge Point, which can serve concurrently up to 10 people, is located at the Koyuncu Kia dealer on the Aydın Highway in Söke district of Aydın.

Customers, who can enjoy the highest number of fast charging stations in Turkey and advantageous prices with the increasing number of collaborations with Eşarj, find comfort in EV charging stations where they know they are supplied power by clean energy.

We realize our dream to 'Charge your car while drinking a cup of coffee'.

Stating that they had been implementing the customer experience practices to set an example in the industry since Eşarj was founded, Murat Pınar, CEO at Enerjisa Enerji and Chair at Eşarj, added: “At Eşarj, which is the company of firsts, we are aware how valuable the time spent at EV charging stations is. While the ranges of EV keep increasing thanks to the latest developments in the battery technology, we are also conducting innovative research to minimize the recharging time. We prioritize DC, i.e., fast, charging stations in our new stations with the goal to eliminate the waiting time barrier in preferring EVs.

Beginning this journey with the question of how to offer comfort to our customers even if waiting times were shortened, we realized our dream to 'Charge your car while drinking a cup of coffee'. Thus, we opened our 'Recharge' point, which provides a comfortable rest area for travel enthusiasts in Söke district of Aydın. The complimentary services we provide with this unprecedented practice in the sector prove the difference of Eşarj. As expected from an ideal rest area, a traveling family will plug in their EVs at our fast charging station and then they will be able to sip their coffee at our Recharge point and enjoy free Wi-Fi and TV while their kids enjoy the playground. We are excited and determined to increase the number of Recharge points.”

Eşarj breaks new ground
Eşarj is the first charging operator in Türkiye that puts efforts into EVs to reach their full potential in reducing carbon emissions, while also the first charging operator certified with the renewable energy certificate (IREC, YEK-G), and the first DC charging station and the first charging operator contracted with the EV brands.

About Enerjisa Enerji
Enerjisa Enerji, which pioneers the energy transformation in Türkiye by using the multiplier effect of sustainability and technology in line with its vision of "A better future for all", provides service to 25 percent of Türkiye in electricity distribution and retail, which are the main fields of activity of the company. Enerjisa Enerji, the prominent player in the industry, reaches 10.6 million customers in 14 provinces and provides electricity distribution services to more than 22 million users. While Enerjisa Enerji offers renewable energy, efficiency, and green energy solutions to its customers via its Energy of My Business brand, the company also operates the first and fastest charging station network in Turkey with Eşarj, the company of which Enerjisa owns 100% of its shares. 20 percent of Enerjisa Enerji, whose main shareholders are Sabancı Holding and E.ON, is publicly traded in Borsa Istanbul.

About Eşarj
As the first and fastest charging station operator in Türkiye, Eşarj Elektrikli Araçlar Şarj Sistemleri A.Ş. (Eşarj), of which 100 percent of its shares is owned by Enerjisa Müşteri Çözümleri A.Ş. -wholly-owned by Enerjisa Enerji-, manages an EV charging station network of over 800 stations with more than 1,200 sockets and an installed capacity exceeding 50 MWh as of October 2023.