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162 million TL New Bond Issuance From Enerjisa

Being the largest issuer of real sector bonds of Turkey, Enerjisa Enerji completed its first issuance of 2018 by exceeding expectations again. Enerjisa Enerji obtained a finance of 1 billion 352 million TL so far together with the issuance of the new CPI-linked bonds with a maturity of five years amounting 162 million TL.

Enerjisa Enerji, the innovative and leading company of the energy industry, has issued a CPI-linked bond with a maturity of five years amounting to 162 million TL on 5 April 2018. With the completion of this sixth bond issuance, Enerjisa has now obtained financing of in total 1 billion 352 million TL from the Turkish Private Sector Bond Market.

Reminding that they have completed Turkey’s longest-term private sector bond issuance with a maturity of five years in 2017, Enerjisa Enerji CFO Sascha Bibert said "We are grateful that we again received strong demand from investors for the first issuance of 2018. For the issuance of this five-year bond we were able to keep our cost of borrowing unchanged in this maturity spectrum at 500bp."

Emphasizing that they lead the energy sector by working for the development and deepening of capital markets, Bibert said "In March 2017, we realized the largest real sector bond issuance in Turkey. In August of the same year, we also realized the longest-term private sector bond issuance with five years maturity. With the five years maturity bond amounting to 162 million TL issued this year in addition to the bonds we issued last year, we reached a total of 1 billion 352 million TL, which is the highest amount in our industry. "

Enerjisa is one of the real sector pioneers in bond issuance

Within the first three months of the year, bond issuance in Turkey amounting to a total of 46 billion TL has been carried out. 31,7 billion TL of this amount was realized by the banks, 12,2 billion TL by the non-banking financial sector and 2,1 billion TL by the real sector. Enerjisa Enerji has been one of the pioneers of the real sector bond market with this recent issuance amounting 162 million TL, reaching its position as an issuer of approximately 15% of the real sector bonds in circulation.