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All the meters of the apartments in my building have been read and their bills have been delivered. Why is not my bill delivered?
There may be a few reasons why your bill is not delivered:

1. You bill may have not been issued due to a technical problem which prevented your meter to be read. Please contact Enerjisa Call Centre on 444 4 372 and visit Enerjisa Service Points for your meter reading and billing requests. Furthermore, if you provide us with the index figures on your meter when you call our call centre, visit our service points or via Enerjisa Mobile app; your bill will be produced.

2. If you have given consent for an e-archive bill, your bill may have been delivered in digital environment such as text message or e-mail. Please check your text messages or e-mails, including your spam folder.

3. Your recent bill amount could be calculated too high compared to your previous bill amounts. In such a case, our meter reading team would leave you a written notice saying "This is not a bill but an above limit notification." Your bill amount, then, would be recalculated and checked to have the bill issued to avoid any wrong billing and sent to you via mail, or e-mail through for e-bill taxpayers via Email through Turkish Revenue Administration if you are an e-invoice taxpayer.

No fine or interest would be reflected to your party in case your bill is not issued. Please contact our Enerjisa Call Centre on 444 4 372 or visit our service points for further information.
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