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Talent Management

Today increasing number of power and utility leaders are reviewing their business models and strategies to better meet customer needs. This includes developing certain organizational and technical capabilities to enable a more agile and innovative culture.15 For us, our vision of leading the energy sector requires talented and equipped human resources that can achieve our company’s strategic goals and meet our current and future needs

In line with our vision of being the employer of choice in the energy industry and to be ranked among the top 15 employers across all sectors, we are focused on creating a purposeful working environment that cultivates a positive organizational climate, communication and culture. We offer training and development opportunities that provide differentiated growth and career advancement paths. We also offer our employees development opportunities and an equal, inclusive and safe work environment that allows them to realize their full potential.

We provide equal opportunity and operate on the “right person for the right job” principle. Our talent management approach is based on creating value by giving all of our employees the opportunity to discover and understand themselves. We focus on drawing out the leadership traits of our employees with training and development to enable our employees to use and develop their skills in the most efficient way. To ensure the continuity of talents, we develop short-term and medium-term succession plans for all critical positions. We design leadership, personal and professional development programs based on the needs of our employees.

Diversity and inclusion constitute a core value at Enerjisa Enerji. In all Human Resources processes, we adopt an equal attitude regarding language, religion, nationality, race, ethnic origin, age, gender, marital status, health, disability status, political opinion, union memberships and all similar matters. All activities are undertaken in accordance with applicable law and rules and pursuant to Enerjisa Code of Conduct.

At Enerjisa, compensation related reports, surveys or statistics are received from third party compensation consultants. The grades of positions grades are determined based on external job evaluation methodology which is widely used worldwide by well known corporate companies. In order to determine base salary policy, we participate annual salary Surveys and grade based reference salary data breakdown for market, peer group, sector etc. is provided by consultants for all grades. Meanwhile, blue collar salaries are set based on Collective Labor Agreement.


Enerjisa is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe that diversity enriches decision making process and inclusivity increases commitment as the employees feel valued. Fair and equal conditions motivate our employees and boost their engagement and productivity. We do not discriminate employees based on language, race, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability or similar reasons. ESG Committee ensures that all necessary actions that could be considered discrimination or abuse are addressed and can be reported by employees under the protection and safeguard of the principles of confidentiality. We communicate all of the fundamental principles with all our employees through our Code of Conduct (Enetik 2.0) and Human Rights Policy.

We actively take part in the following programs to support diversity and increase awareness:

Target Gender Equality Program:We support gender equality in the workplace as in all areas of life. This year we joined Target Gender Equality Program, a global UNGC program that helps companies contribute to Sustainable Development Goal number 5.5.16 An ambassador and two representatives from Enerjisa have attended the program. The program aims to help companies set ambitious and realistic corporate goals in areas such as increasing the number of women on boards of directors and increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in the supply chain and to take action to achieve these goals.

United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles:Since 2019, we are among the signatories of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles.

Business Against Domestic Violence Platform:
In 2020, we joined the Business Against Domestic Violence (BADV) project, which was carried out by the Corporate Governance Forum at Sabancı University. In this regard, representatives from the Human Resources teams completed the Gender Equality Training Program. These representatives have started studies to implement training outcomes within the company.

The Turkish Women’s International Network (TurkishWIN):
We renewed our membership in the Turkish Women’s International Network in 2020 and 15 women managers benefited from the network’s training and mentoring opportunities.

Equal Opportunities in the Electricity Distribution Sector Project: We manage the Equal Opportunities in the Electricity Distribution Sector project in collaboration with the Gender Equality Program Coordination Office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and with the consultancy of Deloitte. As part of the project, we aim to review our human resources practices to encourage female employment in technical and managerial positions, to set clear and measurable goals for equal opportunity and to collaborate with institutions and organizations working in this area. These studies will be carried out by the project team consisting of volunteers from different departments. The study results will be reported to a steering committee, which consists of executive management team. The project started in November 2020 and will continue in 2021.

Sensiz Olmaz (Not Without You): On March 8th 2021, our new platform for diversity and inclusion Sensiz Olmaz was launched and during the week of International Women’s Day supporting events were organized to increase awareness. Our diversity approach is not limited to gender. We embrace age diversity and generational differences as it enables our employees learn from each other. In 2020, 70% of our new hires were under the age of 30 and 30% of them were between 31-49 years. 26% of our employees are under the age of 30, while 72% of them are between 30-49 years. 52% of our employees have worked at Enerjisa for between 5 and 10 years.

We support the participation of disabled people in social and economic life under equal conditions. As of 2020, the total number of disabled employees is 306, which is above legal requirement.



Employee engagement is a critical driver of continuity and success in the competitive business world. This is directly linked to increasing retention, enhancing organizational performance and meeting customers’ needs. At Enerjisa, we care about the feedback from our employees and provide them a workplace where they feel valuable. We measure employee satisfaction every two years through surveys. The employee satisfaction score increased from 71% in 2018 to 80% in 2020, while the employee engagement rate increased from 55% to 70% in the same period. As of 2020, blue-collar employees were included in the surveys as well. These surveys enable us to take actions to improve working conditions.