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Innovate For Future Energy

While continuing to increase our grid and technology investments, we also take steps to lead the sector in the New Energy World which is customer-centric, sustainable, distributed and low carbon.


By fostering the innovation culture within the company, we take advantage of its benefits and improve our processes to compete in a rapidly changing environment. Combining data with advanced analytics makes it possible for companies to unlock greater efficiencies and gain strategic insights. The use of AI in guiding field workers remotely allows them to predict and prevent problems, as well as quickly and safely tackling outages. By steering the culture of innovation within Enerjisa, our Innovation Department focuses on the entrepreneurship ecosystem and builds strong collaborations. We produce innovative products and processes to transform our business as well as our customers.

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program:

Our corporate entrepreneurship and innovation program, NAR, has been harvesting innovative ideas from our employees for 6 years. Intrapreneurs receive practical and theoretical lean entrepreneurship training as part of the acceleration program prior to the incubation process.

The theme of the program in 2020 was Digital Solutions for Efficiency and we received 160 ideas from employees. Of these, 15 were accepted for the acceleration phase in Nar’s 6th term, which was held online. The teams completed their bootcamp entrepreneurship training digitally and then presented their ideas to the final jury, comprised of members of the R&D and Innovation Committee. Eight of these ideas have been transferred to the relevant business units for fast implementation and four of these are in the incubation stage of the pilot process.

Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program:

In 2020, the Enerjisa R&D unit launched the İvme Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program in order to find solutions to the energy sector’s current problems, to develop scalable and easily implementable technologies and to contribute to next-generation enterprises. In order to support initiatives that make an impact on the energy sector, the İvme Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program brings start-ups together with Enerjisa Distribution Companies, addresses existing problems and explores opportunities for the future. We help start-ups overcome the difficult step between development of the prototype product and commercialization. In the first term of the İvme Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, 10 start-ups were selected among 44 start-up applications in 8 main focus areas. With these initiatives, Proof of Concept (POC) studies were carried out on OHS, micro-solar solutions, consumption analytics, image processing, smart lighting and drone solutions. An EMRA project on product development was prepared with 6 startups and studies on co-marketing of the product were initiated with one start-up.


It is critical to closely follow technological developments in the energy sector. Our R&D business unit focuses on developing new products, systems and designs. We carry out studies on renewable energy resources, electric vehicles, microgrid and storage systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity technologies for building a smart and sustainable future. We evaluate best global practices on distribution grids and develop customized solutions for Turkey using local resources. R&D projects play a vital role in fostering innovation culture within the Company. Additionally, as the outputs of the designed projects are shared with EMRA, they also help shape future legislation.


We effectively use technology in our business processes and projects by staying abreast of technologic developments and trends.

Implementing new ideas for providing world-class service quality to 21.6 million people and offering exclusive innovative services and solutions are among our primary goals.


E-Ternal (Planet People Process) 

While providing energy to our customers, we always create value for our Planet, People & Processes. Digitalization is our best tool to create this value. In 2020, in order to holistically enhance sustainability with digitalization, we developed our Digital Transformation Model E-TERNAL. Ternal symbolizes our dedication to improve our Planet, People and Processes; and E- symbolizes Electron, Energy and Enerjisa. To integrate our digital initiatives; in-depth benchmark analysis and engagement with internal and external stakeholders have been carried out. As a result, we designed our digital transformation journey and patented our model as a first application in energy sector. With this model, we aim to dedicate all of our digital initiatives with our Purpose and align them with global and mega energy trends. We have defined our past and current projects along with +500 new digital initiatives for the next 5 year horizon and major value creation areas are reconstructed within 14 digital programs and matched with the names of inspiring scientists from history.