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Social Responsibility

We are committed to adding value to society and contributing to progress. We carry out social responsibility projects through voluntary contributions from our employees and direct financial support to non-governmental organizations. We take into account our social impact and take action to raise awareness through training on community safety, diversity and energy efficiency.



I am Protecting the Energy of the World: Behavioral changes in energy use are essential for holistic transformation of the energy sector and to accelerate reduction in carbon emissions. There is a growing need for training and awareness campaigns for changing day-to-day choices about how consumers use energy. As an energy provider, our goal is also efficient use of energy by the society, and we believe it can start with the education of our children. Since 2010, the project named I Protect the Energy of the World is raising awareness in children about energy efficiency. We provide energy efficiency training to children between the ages of 7 and 10. 420 enthusiastic employees are involved in the project so far and we have trained over 300,000 students from 650 schools in 14 provinces.

We conducted a survey in 2020 with around 1,000 children between the ages of 7 and 13 in Turkey to evaluate their energy-saving awareness and behavioral patterns. The results reveal that 51% our children have very little knowledge about conserving energy. Based on these results, we integrated the use of digital channels in 2020 in order to reach more students across the country during the pandemic. Using the project website and the updated mobile app, children can play the energy-efficiency game, learn about global energy resources and how to conserve limited resources while having fun. The application restricts users to one hour of daily activity via the interface and the application teaches children essential energy-saving methods while building a new city. The digital application had approximately 6 million interactions in 2020.