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Social Responsibility

As Enerjisa Enerji, we are carrying the responsibility of beinga public service provider. At the core of our business we aim to provide the best service to the society, in addition to that with our ambition to improve our Environmental, Social and Governance performance, we give high importance to create value to society with our social responsibility contributions as well. We are carrying out our social responsibility both by voluntary contributions from our employees, as well as direct financial suppor.


I Protect the World’s Energy: As Enerjisa, we value operations that will add value to society and cultivate conscious awareness of energy saving, spread that concept among the public and children, who are the ambassadors of our future. In this respect, we conducted a social responsibility project I Protect the World’s Energy to create awareness for energy efficiency by signing a protocol with the Ministry of National Education in 2010. We reached out to 6,100 children and provided them with energy efficiency training in 2019. Since the beginning of the project, we have provided training to more than 250,000 students from 580 schools in 14 provinces and over 380 Enerjisa Enerji employees have participated voluntarily in the project.

Vocational Training Collaboration Agreement: Under the scope of the agreement signed with the Ministry of National Education at the end of 2017, we started giving basic sectoral training to more than 1,000 vocational high school/academy students at Enerjisa Enerji’s technical and mobile training centers.


Donations: We keep supporting our society with our donations as well. Every year we donate to Sabancı Foundation which shares the industrial and economic strength of the Sabancı Group, by improving the society socially and culturally. In 2019 we made TL 10,441,985 of to Sabancı Foundation, which is mainly used for education and cultural projects in Turkey.

Sponsorships: In addition, we sponsor projects that add value and unite stakeholders from Turkey and across the world to share their opinions about various subjects, such as digitalization, innovation and energy efficiency in the sector. In this regard, we have provided a financial support of approximately TL 1 million and sponsored Turkey Energy and Natural Resources Summit, Turkey Energy Summit and Financial Times Digital Energy Summit in 2019.

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