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With the I Protect My Energy project, energy conservation is taught by gaming

Enerjisa Enerji improves and continues its internationally-awarded social responsibility project, “I Protect My Energy”, which was initiated 10 years ago. Having gathered over 250,000 students in 580 schools in 14 provinces with 330 volunteering employees so far with the purpose to have the children adopt energy efficiency and conservation, the project’s mobile game has been launched. Thanks to the updated mobile game, children will be able to enjoy and learn about energy efficiency and conservation by sparing 1 hour a day.

The findings of the market research, which was conducted in collaboration with Enerjisa Enerji and an independent research company to measure the awareness of children in Turkey on energy conservation by discussing the issue with the parents of children between ages 7 and 13, are remarkable. According to these findings, awareness of 51 percent of children on energy conservation was very limited. The highest awareness on conservation was observed at the age of 13. Among the conservation habits, children pay the utmost attention to waste of water and conscious electric usage, in particular.

Enerjisa Enerji offers the mobile game, which is the digital expansion of its “I Protect My Energy” project, to the taste of primary school-age children. Designed to disseminate and increase energy efficiency and conservation awareness of primary-school age children through entertainment, the mobile game has been developed and updated considering education of children has become online during the pandemic. The gaming period is limited to 1 hour a day to protect children from digital addiction.

Released four years ago at the app stores, I Protect My Energy mobile game has reached thousands of people so far. The mobile game has been updated for the children staying at home due to the pandemic and is now online at the mobile app stores with its new design.

Energy Conservation Awareness of Children Limited

The results of the research conducted to measure the energy conservation awareness and behavioural sensitivity of approximately 1,000 children from all around Turkey revealed that 51 percent of children between the age of 7 and 13 knew very little about energy conservation. The percentage increases to 74 percent when it comes to climate change and global warming issues. Whilst conservation awareness is the highest among children at age 13 with 52 percent, it is observed to be the lowest among children at age 7 with 36 percent.

Children over 10 years old and 11 years old have significantly higher percentages of awareness than children at younger ages on Climate Change and Energy Conservation and Global Warming, respectively. Almost all children between the ages of 7 and 13, although they have different sensitivity levels, pay attention to turn off the faucets and lights unless required. Half of the children with conservation awareness on electric appliances are aware that refrigerator door should not be opened and closed frequently.

Learned in the Family and at School

According to the research, children learn energy conservation from their families the most and then the required learning can be achieved at schools. Whilst 76 percent of the children learn energy conservation from their families; 73 percent becomes aware of conservation as a result of the education at schools. Social media channels and digital applications is observed to fall way behind. This comes with the fact that digital media shall be improved because children spend the most time connected to the digital environments. Enerjisa Enerji I Protect My Energy project has the purpose of improving these platforms.

The goal is to raise awareness of 1 million children on energy efficiency.

Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., stated: “Today, energy efficiency is accepted as the cheapest source of energy. Moreover, the issue has a critical importance in combatting climate change and creating sustainable communities and cities. We should all change our behaviours and try to adopt good habits in terms of energy efficiency. At this point, Enerjisa Enerji takes the responsibility and values projects that will raise awareness of children, who are our future, and all people on energy conservation greatly. Hence, in 2010, we signed a protocol with the Ministry of National Education in order to raise awareness on energy conservation and have gathered over 250,000 children with our social responsibility project, I Protect My Energy, including theatre plays and energy conservation training in 10 years. The results of the research that we conducted reveals the fact that information acquired from schools and families are the most important tools to raise awareness. In line with the global trends that we follow at Enerjisa Enerji, we believed in the strength of “gaming” concept to change the behaviours of users and convince them; hence, updated “I Protect My Energy” mobile game. The purpose is to apply the benefits in the game in the real life. Considering the digitalizing world and expectations of the new generation, we will continue our efforts to underline the efficient resource use, which has vital importance for our country and the world, at full speed.”

I Protect My Energy Game For 1 Hour a Day

With the latest update, I Protect My Energy game attracts interests with its further detailed and enriched interface, game map and content. The game lets children to create their own characters and build a city by gathering all urban components including fire brigade, institutions, housing, market place and convenience stores. They can also manage the energy sources of the city they build. In the meantime, they both entertain and learn efficient use of energy sources and energy conservation step by step. The gaming period is limited to 1 hour a day to protect children from digital addiction and at the end of this period, the game closes itself automatically. Thus, children can continue playing the game, which includes sections with Q&A to improve their general knowledge, the next day.

Energy conservation training provided to over 250,000 children

With the “Energy Efficiency Training” social responsibility project, initiated in 2010 as a result of the protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education, Enerjisa has, so far, raised awareness on conservation of energy by reaching out to more than 250,000 primary school students at 580 schools in 14 provinces in total with its 330 volunteers. As part of the project, “Energetic Hearts”, who are volunteering Enerjisa employees, provided training and staged a theatre play titled “Küsmesin Yıldızlar” (May The Stars Not Be Offended) for children aged between 7 and 11.

Award-winning project

In 2017, “I Protect My Energy” project of Enerjisa was granted a Silver Award at the Stevie Awards in the category of “Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe”. In 2018, the project was granted an award at Sustainable Development Academy Awards, organised by the Corporate Social Responsibility Turkey (CSR) Association, in the category of “Responsible Consumption and Production”. The very same year, the project was also granted “The Best Energy Management Award” as well as “Golden Compass Award” at the International CSR Excellence Awards, one of the most significant social responsibility award programmes, organised with the motto of 'Companies With A Heart'.

Downloadable from app stores

The game is compatible with all mobile devices and can be downloaded from the following links:

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enerjisa.Enerjimi.Koruyorum&gl=TR

Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/enerjimi-koruyorum/id1072162700?l=tr