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Harvest – Energy Efficiency Harvesting In Electricity Distribution

In 2019, HARVEST-1 Project, carried out with the support of EMRA R&D fund, had the purpose to identify methodologies that will increase the energy efficiency in electricity distribution sector and define a road map for energy efficiency. As part of the project, the goal was to improve direct and indirect contributions of EDAŞ to energy efficiency. Opportunities, actions were identified in technical, infrastructure and planning fields in order to improve energy efficiency at the medium and low voltage distribution grid, before the retail companies and at the final user (consumer) side.

A comprehensive energy efficiency road map including both the distribution companies and consumers was defined for the first time in Turkish Electricity Distribution Sector. During the project, case studies from all around the world were analysed and the best improvements and practices in compliance with our system were determined considering the existing conditions in Turkey.

HARVEST-2 Project, the second phase of the project, was initiated in August 2020 in order to implement the site practices of energy efficiency methods in electricity distribution sector. As part of the “Distributed Production Business Package” of the project, mobile energy systems including solar energy and li-ion based energy storage units will be developed to be able to use in remote terminals. Hence, the use of diesel-powered generators in the forests, at the mountains and villages on highlands, the amount of plants trimmed around the transmission line within the forest areas and the cost of line maintenance and repair works will be reduced. As part of the aforementioned business package, software to be developed will be able to measure the impact of distributed production facilities on energy losses and identify the most appropriate locations to install these facilities. Thus, the goal is to use the energy generated by the renewable energy systems with maximum efficiency. As part of the “Energy Efficiency in Transformers Business Package”, various data from the transformers will be monitored through an online platform; so that any efficiency reduction in any transformer can be responded immediately. Hence, the losses in transformers that suffer from the maximum energy loss in the distribution grid will be reduced. Another practice to be implemented as part of the project is focused on LED street lighting systems and a comparison of the system with other technologies will be prepared. The outputs specific to the pilot region will be reflected nationwide and maximum energy efficiency to be acquired will be calculated.