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Daphne – Strategies For Afforestation Under The Power Lines

At Enerjisa, we attach utmost importance to avoid deterioration of the balance and protect the environment. While we carry out our projects, we also focus on creating a sustainable environment. Strategies for Afforestation Under the Power Lines to Reduce Losses and Prevent Fires over the Energy Transmission Lines - DAPHNE (Laurus nobilis L.) Project is one of the projects initiated for the aforementioned purpose. The Project has the goal to reduce the technical and economic losses due to forest vegetation and trees, in particular, and prevent possible fire risks by developing accurate afforestation strategies under the power transmission lines.

The project is financed by EMRA R&D fund. Bartın University and Bartın Provincial Directorate of Forestry support the project. The project is planned to last for 14 months and be completed by the end of November 2020.

As part of the project, tree types that can adapt to the ecological conditions in the region were determined; and, the decision was made to plant bay trees as bay trees have high water retention capacity, do not grow so high, can adapt to the climatic and edaphic properties of the region and yield economic return for urban development.

We had 5,500 bay tree saplings planted for an area designated in Bartın province in November 25, 2019; and monitored the plant growth in the area with the drones throughout the project. With further replanting process, the bay tree saplings that were damaged or dried and could not grow were replaced with new saplings. The activities carried out and the plant development status were compiled to be presented in the International Conference on Energy, Economics, Security and Safety to be held in November 2020.

In principle, we are trying to prevent any incidents that may a pose a risk for the power lines and the environment by planting trees as part of the project.