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Enerjisa Enerji offers innovative products with "Energy of My Business" to 'return to efficiency and nature'

Enerjisa Enerji introduced its products which reduce carbon footprint by enabling savings in the energy consumption of its customers and increase renewable energy utilization with the title of "Energy of My Business." Enerjisa Energy offers end-to-end solutions by expanding added value chain for its corporate customer portfolio thanks to restructured nature-friendly innovative products under the roof of "Energy of My Business."

As Turkey's leading company in electricity distribution and retail sales, Enerjisa Enerji conducts its operations in a structure open to public with majority of the shares belonging to Sabancı Holding and E.ON. The company introduced its products and services gathered under the roof of 'Energy of My Business' concept where it brought together many environment-friendly and sustainable energy solutions from energy efficiency applications, electric vehicle charging stations management to green energy certification, particularly in the areas of electricity supply along with solar energy systems, waste heat recovery, pressurized air, heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC), electric motors and lighting (LED conversion) to offer to all its customers, particularly businesses, industrial organizations and public institutions.

Improvement in Investment Costs with Efficient Products

With its innovative products gathered under the roof of "Energy of My Business," Enerjisa Enerji aims to enable improvement in the investment costs of its customers and to maximize the level of customer savings by providing the highest performance with the offered solutions. Thus, Enerjisa Enerji customers along with the whole country will be on the winning side both in investment costs and in savings.

Creating alternative solutions for green energy utilization for its customers, Enerjisa Enerji offers solar power plant (GES) installation services with its performance-based long-term sales model. Enerjisa Enerji and its professional teams consisting of experts in the field offer end-to-end services including all the processes of feasibility, project design, purchasing, installation, operation and maintenance. With the new business model, installed capacity in the developed projects will be gradually increased, thus enabling more plants to generate power on-site from renewable sources.

In line with the purpose of operating in the area of e-mobility as one of the leading global trends followed by the company, Enerjisa Enerji bought the majority of shares of Eşarj in 2018, an enterprise which started off in 2008 with the mission of building a sustainable and environment-friendly future in Turkey. With Eşarj, the company offers e-mobility solutions with a focus on technology for electric vehicles to its customers with the options of providing a private charging station for specific customer and offering public stations with a network of more than 350 stations.

Giving priority to energy efficiency in all its projects and leading the sector with its works in this area, Enerjisa Enerji provides its customers with various solutions in which the payments for the investment are extended over a long period of time based on the installed plant's saving performance with its Energy Performance Model. Savings on the energy consumption are achieved by offering environment-friendly solutions without compromising on the quality in production and comfort conditions in these energy efficiency projects. As part of this, various solutions are provided for industrial, commercial and public plants, particularly in the areas of waste heat recovery, pressurized air, heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC), electric motors and lighting (LED conversion).

Gearing for the Future with Eşarj

Eşarj, the largest charging station network in Turkey with nearly 350 stations, will also be accessible under the umbrella of Energy of My Business' and is estimated to provide 2.5 million tons of reduction in carbon amounts in 2030 with the popularization of electric vehicles. Eşarj supplies all of the power used in its public charging stations from clean energy sources such as wind and sun with the International I-REC Certificate and is proud to be the first company in this area. In the light of all gained experiences, Eşarj installs safe charging stations at the homes and work places of its electric vehicle owning customers with the most suitable infrastructure solutions.

Potential for 100 percent green energy

Furthermore, there are different solution alternatives for the companies focusing on reducing their carbon footprints as part of 'Energy of My Business.' Enerjisa Enerji supports renewable energy sources for a sustainable world with its green energy products and provides 'Carbon Reduction Certificates' and 'Renewable Energy Certificates' for its customers who wish to reduce or completely eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions originating from their electricity consumption. Thanks to these certificates, companies are now able to increase their green energy consumption rates up to 100 percent as they require.

Cogeneration Solutions

Enerjisa offers end-to-end services for the Cogeneration systems operated with the approach of consuming energy where it is generated. As part of these services, all feasibility, design, purchasing, investment, installation, operation and maintenance processes are conducted with the company's expert teams and these works result in the customer's gaining cost benefits as well as enabling reduction in carbon footprints by reducing carbon emissions in a much more efficient way compared to the conventional energy generation.

With 'Energy of My Business' we are taking a step which will lead our sector and contribute to our country's future

Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., stated: In each project we carry out, we are guided by the concepts of energy efficiency, saving, reduction in carbon emissions and sustainability, and we contribute in our country's sustainable energy future. We design and expand our product portfolio every day according to the differing needs of our customers. At Enerjisa Enerji, we aim to create long-term value for the community and to act with a focus on innovation and environment while managing electricity, one of the indispensable needs in our life.

We develop solar energy systems which we consider important in energy sustainability and we support our customers by enabling savings for them with our rooftop installations. Furthermore, we also offer our customers the potential to increase their green energy utilization rates up to 100 percent thanks to the certificates approved by international organizations. With the introduction of electric vehicles into our lives, we took a pioneering step by establishing Eşarj in 2008 which is the largest charging station network in Turkey today, and now we bring it right up to the doors of our customers' homes and work places. By 2030, with the popularization of electric vehicles, we aim to achieve 2.5 million tons of carbon emissions reduction with Eşarj. Thanks to the combination of all these, we believe that we are taking a step which will lead our sector and contribute to our country's future."

Our road map is "efficiency and return to nature"

Ersin Esentürk, General Director of Enerjisa Retail Companies, stated: “Energy of My Business is not only a body of products and solutions, but also a road map for the electric energy sector in 'efficiency and return to nature'. We aim to achieve savings in energy consumption of our corporate customers across Turkey and thus reduce their carbon footprints. As Enerjisa Enerji, we will lighten the investment costs load of our customers with the innovative products of Energy of My Business. Thus, our customers will start to make savings on their energy efficiency investments too."

About Solutions and Products Range in 'Energy of My Business'

Solar Energy Plants (SEP) installations, including Solar Energy Systems, operated with the approach of generating energy where it is consumed (self-consumption), are very advantageous renewable technologies for reduction of carbon footprints. With the end-to-end services to be provided thanks to these installations, customers' investment loads are reduced, thus they benefit from all the advantages with regard to efficiency, low energy costs and carbon emission reduction provided by solar energy. These plant investments also provide significant contributions for sustainability and energy supply security. When 25 to 30 years of economic life of rooftop solar power plants are considered, savings up to 50% are estimated to be achieved in electric energy consumption costs.

Clean energy of Eşarj Attaching great importance on clean energy and constantly increasing its investments in this field, Enerjisa Enerji supplies all the power used in the public charging stations of Eşarj from clean energy sources such as wind and sun. Enerjisa Enerji comes to the fore by being the first company in our country to obtain International IREC Certificate in this field. Thanks to this, users of Eşarj stations protect the environment not only through their electric vehicles, but also while charging their vehicles

Energy efficiency applications Enerjisa aims to bring together the right customers with the right energy efficiency applications with its offers including quite extensive and highly diversified applications, thus to reveal the real efficiency potential of the customers. After the most suitable energy efficiency applications are determined, customers are ensured to start saving energy with the most economic cost, long economic life and high performance through business models that lighten the investment costs load of the customers. Although saving levels depend on the used applications, achieving efficiency with savings up to 40% in energy consumption is observed to be possible in many projects.

Hence, various solutions enabling energy efficiency are provided for industrial, commercial and public plants, particularly in the areas of waste heat recovery, pressurized air, heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC), electric motors and lighting (LED conversion).

Green energy Enerjisa Enerji offers its customers green energy, generated from renewable energy sources in order to protect nature and next generations, which is certified by accredited organizations with international validity and can be reported transparently. With Carbon Reduction Certificates and Renewable Energy Certificates, greenhouse gas emissions of the plants originating from electricity consumption are reduced or neutralized. Enerjisa offers various services in this area such as consumption analysis, determination of green energy ratio, certificate selection, protocol signing and reporting services depending on the type of certificate.

Cogeneration solutions Energy cogeneration systems, offered for corporate customers through Energy Performance Model, create cost benefits thanks to generating electricity, heating and cooling energy on site of consumption. Carbon emissions and carbon footprint levels are reduced due to higher efficiency of these systems compared to conventional energy generation. These systems may be installed at the plants with high electricity, heating and cooling energy consumption where the consumption is distributed evenly and with continuity in seasonal heating and cooling energy consumption throughout the year. This helps customers to focus their technical resources and investment power to their own business fields. Supply security is provided by the system design, customized for the need and demand.