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  • “Triangle of success” to promote green tourism in Turkey
    Enerjisa, Sabancı University and UNDP join forces to transform Küçükköy into a model of environmental sustainability
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    Michael Moser, CFO of Enerjisa Enerji, Granted Global Thought Leader
    Dr. Michael Moser, CFO of Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in Turkey in energy distribution, retail and customer solutions, has been granted Global Thought Leader award by CBS, a US-based TV channel, in the category of Sustainability and Investing in the Infrastructure of Future.
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  • Enerjisa Enerji offers innovative products with "Energy of My Business" to 'return to efficiency and nature'
    Enerjisa Enerji introduced its products which reduce carbon footprint by enabling savings in the energy consumption of its customers and increase renewable energy utilization with the title of "Energy of My Business." Enerjisa Energy offers end-to-end solutions by expanding added value chain for its corporate customer portfolio thanks to restructured nature-friendly innovative products under the roof of "Energy of My Business."
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  • Eşarj Breaking Ground Again with International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC)
    Eşarj Stations Use Renewable Energy
    As the leading electrical charging station network in Turkey with majority of the shares belonging to Enerjisa Enerji since 2018, Eşarj proved its innovative perspective and leadership once again by obtaining the International Renewable Energy Certificate (IREC). Thanks to IREC Certificate, nearly 350 Eşarj stations started to use 100% renewable energy as of July 1st. This certificate will enable documenting the utilization of electricity generated from renewable energy sources for electric vehicle use and will significantly contribute to the efforts of mitigation of carbon emissions.
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    Eşarj, having the leading electric charging station network in Turkey, and CarrefourSA collaborated to build Eşarj stations in line with their sustainability goals. As part of the collaboration, charging stations were built to the parking areas of three CarrefourSA markets in Istanbul. Charging stations located within the parking areas of Istinye CarrefourSA Hyper, Anadolu Hisarı CarrefourSA Gourmet and Zekeriyaköy CarrefourSA Gourmet markets are available for public use and will serve the charging requirements of CarrefourSA customers
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  • International Award for the First Sustainability Report of Enerjisa Enerji
    Enerjisa Enerji was granted the gold award at the 2019 Inspire Awards of the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) for its first sustainability report published in 2019.
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  • We are granted the Bronze Stevie at the International Stevie Awards

    We Granted The Bronze Stevie At The International Awards

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