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Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy? How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?
Solar energy is the conversion of the sun rays into electrical energy using special technologies. Solar energy is the most abundant and clean energy in the world. It does not pollute the environment and is noiseless. It is a renewable and sustainable energy. Solar energy systems convert solar energy into electricity.

How Do Solar Energy Systems Benefit From The Power Of The Sun?
The Sun is more than just a source of light during the daytime. Each particle of sunlight -photon- that reaches the Earth contains energy that feeds our planet. Solar energy is the ultimate resource that ensures the continuation of life on the Earth. In theory, the sun rays hitting the Earth per hour are enough to meet the energy needs of the entire world for almost a year.

Although solar energy accounts for only a small portion of the overall global energy consumption today, the cost of installing solar panels has been decreasing. Therefore, consumption of solar energy becomes more common in various fields, at companies and houses.

How Do Solar Energy Systems Benefit From The Energy Of The Sun?
There are several methods to be able to use the energy from the sun. The most common is solar panels. Solar energy can be transformed into electricity through solar energy panels.

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?
The most common method of using solar energy is photovoltaic technology. Solar panels convert solar energy into usable electricity through a process called photovoltaic effect. Sun rays reaching the panels hit a semi conductive silicon material and an electric current is generated. In short, solar panels instantly convert sunlight into electric current. The electricity generated is consumed in the related facility. In case the generated energy is not consumed in the facility, the remaining energy can be returned to the network grid, which can be a source of income.

Why is Solar Energy Important?
Installing solar panels both reduces dependence on fossil fuels and saves on electricity bills. If multiple solar panels are installed to provide energy to your company's production operations, you will save on your energy bill. Using solar panels in workplaces and factories provides many advantages.

What is the Benefit of the Solar Energy Systems?
Most of the electricity resources we use today are fossil fuels that generate harmful waste to the environment due to carbon dioxide. However, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy that does not cause pollution and does not harm nature. Enerjisa performs solar energy conversion quickly, effectively and easily. It saves on electricity bills. Enerjisa can provide all or a part of the investment necessary. Since the maintenance costs of solar panels are low, your company saves for long years.

6 Benefits of the Solar Energy Systems to your Company
1. Convert to Solar Energy without the Investment Cost
Enerjisa undertakes the financing of the investment required for establishing Solar Energy Power Plants. Prior to the installation of the solar energy system, Enerjisa conducts field studies, develops and implements the project, and provides maintenance and repair services throughout the contract. The process developed under Enerjisa ESCO business model is as follows; a long-term contract is signed by and between your company and Enerjisa. Payments are based on the production performance of the installed solar energy power plant. Throughout the contract period, Enerjisa provides free consultancy services and guides you at every stage of your solar energy conversion.

2. With Solar Energy Conversion, Produce Your Electricity Where You Consume It, Save Money
When you consume all of your electricity from the Solar Energy Power Plant established by Enerjisa, you start to generate your own electricity. The more energy is produced by the solar energy power plant, the less electricity is required to be purchased, thus saving is achieved. If your solar power plant generates more energy than consumption, this energy can be sold back to the network and can be a source of income for your business. Moreover, since the solar panels installed on your roof or land take up very little space, you will start to use the place and the building of your business in the most efficient way.

3. Save With Solar Energy During The Most Expensive Hours Of Electricity Price
During the hours when the energy demand is high, solar energy reaches its maximum production capacity. Thus, by using solar energy, you will reduce your energy costs and save money by generating your own electricity at times when the electricity price is the most expensive.

4. Protect the Nature with Solar Energy Systems
Solar energy is a natural energy source that does not have a negative impact on nature compared to other energy sources. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute water resources. For instance, a nuclear power plant needs twenty times more water than a solar power plant to generate electricity. Solar energy generation does not create any noise and does not disturb the environment in urban areas.

5. Save for Long Years with Low Maintenance Costs
The maintenance cost of solar energy systems is low. Solar panels are durable and have product and performance guarantees of up to 25 years. Panels retain their efficiency when cleaned only a few times a year. In addition, since there are no moving parts in the solar panels, wear and tear are out of question. For this reason, you will save for many years with low maintenance costs. Enerjisa provides service and maintenance services throughout the contract period.

6. Invest in an Inexhaustible Source of Energy
Solar panels can be used in many parts of Turkey and solar energy is available every day. Unlike other energy sources, it is not possible to deplete solar energy. By investing in solar energy, which is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source, you contribute to a sustainable world.

How Are Solar Energy Systems Installed?
Enerjisa Solar Energy System projects carry out your projects in three stages. These stages are analysis, proposal and installation. Enerjisa teams make field visits and preliminary analysis first. Enerjisa offers customised solutions, designs the project, offers business models based on performance and implements the designed project. Enerjisa undertakes the maintenance of the power plant throughout the contract without any extra cost.

1. Reconnaissance
During the reconnaissance phase, Enerjisa examines how much sunlight the area where your business is located receives, the amount of energy consumption of your business, and whether your roof or land is suitable for the installation of solar panels. Enerjisa expert teams visit and conduct fieldwork. If all the necessary data (photographs, records, documents and construction plans) are provided, the proposal phase can be started without field work. Enerjisa's expert teams determine the production capacity depending on the area to be installed, the plant design and other factors during the fieldwork phase. Enerjisa calculates the potential generation capacity of the power plant with simulation programs accepted all over the world.

2. Proposal
If the documents required during the reconnaissance phase are shared and the prerequisites are suitable for solar power plant installation, Enerjisa produces customised solutions, designs the project, and prepares a contract that refers to the performance specific to the project. ESCO model guarantees the performance of your solar power plant. Enerjisa meets the investment required for energy conversion or Enerjisa becomes a partner in the financing of the investment depending on the request and conditions. Enerjisa receives monthly payments throughout the contract, over the amount determined by the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) signed as part of the Enerjisa ESCO model.

3. Installation
The power plants are ready for operation in 6-8 months, including the proposal, contract, license process and installation. Enerjisa underatkes project planning and technical consultancy without any additional charge. Enerjisa undertakes all maintenance of Solar Energy Systems (SES) throughout the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) and does not reflect any additional costs to you.

Is Your Company Suitable For Using Solar Energy?
Various factors determine whether it will be efficient to install solar panels in your business. The most important of these factors is how much sunlight the area where your workplace is located receives. The current electricity consumption of your business and whether your roof is suitable for installing solar panels is also important. For instance, while the installation can be easy on the roofs of some facilities, it can be difficult to install solar panels on steeply-sloping roofs.
In short, the determining factors in solar energy conversion are as follows:

In short, the determining factors in solar energy conversion are as follows:

  • How much sunlight the area where your business is located receives,
  • Energy consumption amount of your business, the power mentioned in electricity subscription agreement
  • Whether the type and size of the roof is suitable for the installation of solar panels.
Is Solar Energy Conversion Suitable For Your Company?
Will the financial and sustainability goals for your business be met if you invest in solar energy?
Is your facility suitable for solar energy use?
Do your electricity bills take up a big part of your overall expenses?
Will being environmentally conscious benefit your organisation's brand?
5 Steps Enerjisa Will Take for the Installation of Solar Energy Systems
Determining the suitability of your roof, whether there is a place on or around your facility to install solar power plants and ancillary equipment.
By making your energy consumption analysis, it makes technical design and feasibility for the optimum design to be installed in your facility in line with your needs.
Measuring your future business expansion projections, financial benefits of solar energy.
Visits to your foundation and conduction of fieldwork and reconnaissance by Enerjisa expert teams.
Procurement of photos, records, documents and construction plans by Enerjisa expert teams.
What is an Energy Performance Contract?
Enerjisa Solar Energy Conversion operates with the Energy Performance Contract (EPC). Enerjisa provides the financing of the investment required for solar energy conversion or becomes a partner in your investment financing with EPC. Enerjisa performs the energy supervision of your facilities, offers solutions, designs projects, offers a contract (EPC) compatible with this project, and implements the project. You pay back Enerjisa over the savings you will make, during the contract between Enerjisa and your company.

Energy Performance Contracts in Brief
  1. Energy Performance Contracts predict the amount of savings you will get from solar energy conversion and draw up a repayment plan based on the performance of the system.
  2. The contract signed on the EPC model directly depends on the energy savings achieved and thus on the performance of the system that is installed. EPC determines your monthly repayments to Enerjisa depending on the performance of the solar power plant throughout the contract period.
  3. Enerjisa takes the responsibility of the operations throughout the contract period.

How Does the Energy Performance Contract Work?
  • Enerjisa determines whether your business is suitable for Solar Energy conversion.
  • Enerjisa performs the energy supervision of your facilities, develops solutions, designs projects and implements them.
  • Enerjisa installs a solar power plant with Energy Performance Contracts, and guarantees your performance and savings.
  • It determines the terms of repayments that are intended to be less than the electricity savings achieved throughout the project. EPC are made for a minimum of 4-10 years depending on the project.
  • Enerjisa undertakes the technical and financial risks required for the conversion.
  • Enerjisa expert teams carry out the operation and maintenance of the power plant free of charge during EPC.

Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) in 5 Steps
  1. Enerjisa determines whether your business is suitable for Solar Energy conversion.
  2. Enerjisa calculates the amount of energy to be produced from the Solar Energy facility and the performance to be provided.
  3. Enerjisa determines the conditions of the Energy Performance Contract and has it approved by its customer.
  4. Enerjisa meets the investment required for energy conversion or Enerjisa becomes a partner in the financing of the investment depending on the request and conditions.
  5. Enerjisa undertakes project design, financing, conversion implementation, energy management and maintenance.

7 Reasons to make Your Foundation’s Solar Power Conversion Now
1. Save with Solar Energy Conversion
With the solar energy conversion, your electricity costs will decrease, thus you will save on your expenditures.

2. Guarantee Your Performance
When you make the solar energy conversion under the guarantee of Enerjisa's ESCO model, the system becomes to meet its own expenses. With its ESCO business model, Enerjisa guarantees performance in projects for which it provides investment financing. This savings pays off the investment costs of your energy conversion. With the ESCO model, Enerjisa becomes your real solution partner. The success of the conversion is as important to us as it is to you.

3. Leave Financing to Us
Enerjisa ensures the efficiency of the project to be implemented for you and underwrites the investment financing of the project. Therefore, your success is our success. Our expert team on solar energy conversion is with you at every stage of the process.

4. Add Value to Your Business and Brand with Solar Energy Systems
Using solar energy in your business significantly increases the value of your company. It not only increases the value and reputation of your brand, but also makes you a leader in the industry. You will contribute to changing the world with sustainable energy.

5. Take Advantage of Free Electricity Source for Many Years
One of the important benefits of switching your company to solar energy is the durability of solar panels. Solar panels have long-term warranties, the solar panels used by Enerjisa are performance guaranteed for 25 years.

6. Contribute to Our Future
When you convert your company, as a solar energy producer, you will reduce your dependence on widely used fossil fuels, prevent harmful CO-2 gas emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect the nature. By using solar energy, you will contribute to leaving a cleaner world for the next generations. Moreover, you will increase your reputation and add value to your brand.

7. Take Advantage of a Reliable and Low-cost Maintenance Energy Source
Solar panels are reliable and have low maintenance costs. Periodic maintenance will be sufficient. Solar Energy is an inexhaustible, clean and noiseless energy source. Panels required for solar energy conversion are installed on your roof and do not take up any extra space.

Enerjisa Success Stories
Sabancı University decided on implementing the Solar Energy and Cogeneration Solutions. It increased the energy and efficiency of the university and contributed to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Energy Systems
1. How long does it take to install solar energy systems?
The power plants are ready for operation in 6-8 months, including the proposal, contract, license process and installation phases.
2. How are the projects carried out and what are the payment methods?
The installation of solar power plants operates through Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). Enerjisa meets the financing of the investment required for solar energy conversion or becomes a partner in the financing of the investment. Our customers pay some of their electricity savings to Enerjisa with monthly payments. These payments are calculated separately for each project and are determined in EPC.
3. Is it necessary to make a field visit?
If the information required for the feasibility study is shared completely, Enerjisa can submit an offer without the need for a field visit. However, for some projects a field visit is required.
4. Do the products have a warranty?
Yes. The warranty periods offered by the manufacturers are reflected on the customer. The warranty periods of solar panels vary according to the brand, model and product type.
5. Is periodic maintenance required after the SES installation?
Yes, although solar power plants do not require frequent maintenance, periodic maintenance and cleaning increase their efficiency and durability. Enerjisa undertakes all maintenance of the system throughout the Energy Performance Contract.
6. Who pays the service and maintenance costs of the Solar Power Plant during the working period and contract period?
Enerjisa undertakes service and maintenance costs without reflecting any additional cost on its customers during the contract period. After the contract expires, our customers can work with any company providing operation and maintenance services in the market.
7. Does the technical team reflect extra expenses to the customer in any malfunction that is not included in the offer and contract? Is Enerjisa responsible for any unusual changes during installation?
Enerjisa covers all extra expenses that may occur after bilateral negotiation.
8. After the SES installation is completed, is there a need for technical staff in the field?
There is no need for a full-time technician in the field after installation. However, Enerjisa monitors the solar energy system it has installed remotely and constantly monitors its performance. In addition, Enerjisa technicians and maintenance teams visit the facility in case of malfunction as well as for periodic maintenance.
9. Can I receive a bank loan for the project, are incentives or grant options available?
In the Energy Performance Contract model, our customers do not need to use bank loans or other financing instruments. Enerjisa undertakes all or a part of the investment cost of the project, depending on the customer's preference.
10. With which of the licensed or unlicensed production options should I manage the process, what are the differences and advantages?
Licensed power plant legislation is more detailed and the installation process is longer. In addition, the right to install unlicensed electricity generation plants is possible only through tenders and competitions announced by the state in certain times. Enerjisa primarily recommends an licensed electricity generation option.
11. How many kW / MW can be installed maximum?
Enerjisa determines the capacity and power of the Solar Power Plant to be installed as a result of field work. The size of the roof or the land are also the factors that affect the electricity generation capacity.
12. How much can the installed solar power plant produce?
During the field work phase, the production capacity is determined depending on the area to be installed, plant design, installation power and other factors.
13. Can we install over a building under construction?
If the building to be projected has a permanent electricity subscription, power plants can be installed in building that is under construction.
14. Can a Solar Energy System be installed in businesses operating in ‘Organised Industrial Zones’?
Yes, they can also be installed within ‘organised industrial zones’.
15. Can the customer sell energy by giving electricity to the network for “Roof Type Projects” after the installation?
As part of the current legislation, if the energy generated is more than the energy consumed, sales can be made back to the network grid.
16. Can the customer sell energy by giving electricity to the network for “Land Type Projects” after the installation?
According to the current legislation, companies other than public institutions and organisations cannot sell the energy they produce in "Land Type Projects".
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