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Green Energy

How does the green energy certification system work, what are the benefits for your company, what role does Enerjisa play?

Green Energy Certification with Enerjisa

Enerjisa takes into account the sustainability goals of its customers and ensures that they use only renewable energy resources in their electricity consumption with Green Energy certifications. During the certification process, Enerjisa undertakes every stage of the project from beginning to the end on behalf of its customer. Hence, the Company offers its customers electricity consumption analysis and energy project management services.

Prefer green energy resources for your electricity consumptions in order to protect nature and future generations, and become a strong player in global markets; strengthen your business with the globally recognised certificates.

Utilise renewable energy resources, reduce your carbon footprint, contribute to the protection of nature

With the sustainability strategies of organisations getting more and more important each day, the source of the energy required for your operations also plays a significant role in this strategy.

If you would like to take into account the environmental impacts of your operations and be listed among the prestigious companies that adopt environmentally-friendly strategies, you can prefer renewable energy resources for your electricity consumptions, reduce your carbon emissions, and document your approach with I-REC or Gold Standard (Carbon Reduction) certificates.

While you can encourage the use of clean energy resources in common areas with the 'Green Energy' supply in your company, you can strengthen the access to uninterrupted energy and resource diversification in Turkey; hence, you can contribute to guaranteeing supply security.

Meet the requirements of the global market

Companies operating in the global markets that focus on sustainable generation and green industry are affected by the sustainability goals of the countries that they have commercial relations with. Therefore, if you place energy efficiency and renewable energy resources to the core of your business by mitigating the environmental impacts of the industry during your generation processes, you can certify these efforts transparently with the Green Energy certificates; hence, you can comply with the strategies in the global market and increase your impacts in the export markets.

Benefit from Grants, Incentives and Green Energy loans

Grants, incentives or green energy loans are offered in line with the government policies in order to expand energy generation from renewable energy resources, to include these resources in the economy, to decrease foreign dependency in energy and to support self-consumption. With the Green Energy Certificates, you can benefit from the grants or incentives offered by the government institutions and organisations, and apply to the green funds of the banks to qualify for the loans with green energy as a prerequisite.

Enjoy tax benefits

The compacts and environmental policies signed strengthen the idea that globally recognised Green Energy certificates can be a significant tool to use against the EU carbon tax or carbon border tax in the medium term. You can get a Green Energy certificate in order to benefit from the tax advantages that will support you to increase your profitability in the global markets.

Monitor your instant energy consumption with the blockchain technology

At Enerjisa, we also provide digital energy services to our customers besides Green Energy certificates. Thanks to the digital platform that we have developed using the blockchain technology, our customers who has begun consuming Green Energy can use the renewable energy resources of their choice and monitor their electricity consumption on an hourly basis. Moreover, they can report transparently when and from which renewable energy resource they consume.

As the energy requirement increases day by day, enjoy the technology-oriented innovations and manage the energy you consume in your workplace according to your preference.

What is Green Energy?

There are two types of energy resources: renewable and non-renewable. Fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, natural gas are non-renewable energy resources; i.e., they are consumed away when utilised for energy.

On the other hand, Green Energy is the energy generated using the natural resources such as the sun, wind and water; they are not consumed away. Green energy is renewable and is certified by the green energy certificates from renewable resources.

What is a Green Energy Certificate?

The green energy certificate is a document that certifies electricity consumption of a company is obtained from renewable resources. The green energy certificate documents that energy consumed is obtained from renewable resources in a globally recognised, transparent and traceable way.

For the green energy certificate to be valid, electricity generators shall be a member of an international renewable energy certificate systems, such as I-REC, Gold Standard, VCS, etc. The international renewable energy certificate systems, such as I-REC, Gold Standard, VCS, etc., documents the electricity generated and proves that electricity is obtained from renewable resources. The Green Energy certificates have various types.

How Many Types of Green Energy Certificates Are There?

As part of Green Energy, there are 2 types of certificates: Renewable Energy Certificate and Carbon Reduction Certificate.

1. What is Renewable Energy Certificate / I-REC Certificate?

I-REC is a global organisation established in 2015 in order to set the standards for renewable energy certificates and inspect the authenticity of the Green Energy Certificates. I-REC is also the name of an international Renewable Energy Certificate. I-REC has the goal to contribute to raising awareness of consumers to make reliable decisions.

Plants with specific processes are registered in the database generated by I-REC and get their renewable energy certificates for their productions. The power plants registered in the I-REC system can sell their green energy certificates.

2. What is Carbon Reduction Certificate?

Gold Standard is a globally-recognised certificate program for carbon reduction projects. Supported by more than 80 NGOs all around the world and contributing to the development of various projects, the program is carried out by the Gold Standard Foundation. Gold Standard Certificate is used to document that energy efficiency and renewable energy projects actually reduce CO2 emissions. Gold Standard Certificate transparently certifies the quality and provability of the green energy generated.

To be able to get Gold Standard Certificate, actual reductions in CO2 emissions should be achieved or contributed. Gold Standard Certificate supports local renewable energy generators and requires the participation of local population in the project. Operational processes of the Gold Standard Certificate system are undertaken by the green energy generating power plants.

How do Green Energy Systems function?

Solar energy, hydroelectric or wind power plants can also sell the “Green Energy Right” beside electricity. The power plants become a member of the international renewable energy certificate system of I-REC or Gold Standard organisations for such sales. Electricity generated by the power plants registered in these systems are transparently monitored in accordance with the international standards. The system enables each unit of electricity generated to be traced from the resource to the final consumer. For each 1-unit MWh of electricity generated at the renewable energy plants (wind, solar, and hydroelectric), a certificate is issued.

Electricity generated at such plants are reportable and provable electric resources. As a result, the power plants registered by I-REC or Gold Standard systems not only generate and sell electricity but also get the right to sell the ‘Green Energy Right’.

What is the Green Right?

The Green Right refers to selling electricity generated from renewable resources and certified by the I-REC or Gold Standard systems. Getting a Green Energy Certificate means procuring the ‘right’ to energy generated by such plants.

One of the significant features of the I-REC and Gold Standard certification system is the traceability of 'Green Right' sales. Therefore, since a company purchases the ‘Green Right’ of the clean energy it will consume with the Green Energy certificate it gets through Enerjisa, it is not possible for the power plants generating this energy to sell that energy to other buyers. Thanks to this certification, the company also proves that it has purchased the right exclusively.

In brief, consumers purchasing the Green Energy certificate prove that electricity they purchase is produced from renewable energy resources, that they have reduced their carbon footprint and that they consume sustainable energy. The Green Energy certificate is globally recognised, and can be traceable to the resource and reported transparently. Moreover, companies that would like to get a Green Energy certificate can also specify the type of renewable energy (wind, solar and hydroelectric) they want to purchase.

The Green Energy Certificate in simple terms

In order to visualise this complex system, let’s think of a pool of balls.

Let’s assume that there are several balls in various colours in this pool. Suppose that green balls are produced in the plants using renewable resources (wind, solar, hydroelectric) and let’s assume the plants producing the balls that represent green energy use a labelling system (I-REC system and Gold Standard) in order to differentiate the balls that they have produced. Thus, the green balls of each plant are registered and labelled. Let’s assume that producers of these labelled green balls deliver as many green balls as the companies request, under the title ‘Green Right’.

In the end, the companies that purchased the right to use these labelled green balls got Green Energy certificate. Although they cannot generate green energy, these certified companies have fulfilled their social responsibilities, proven their sustainability practices with these globally recognised certificates and supported green energy generators.

How to Transition to Renewable Energy with the Green Energy Certificate?

The Green Energy certificate does not change the grid or the resource of the energy consumed; it is only a system to prove that a certain percentage or all of the electricity consumed by companies comes from renewable energy resources.

The Green Energy certificates are independent of electric supply; they only indicate the resource of the energy consumed. Changing the grid or the resource of the electricity consumed by the company/plant is not required to get the Green Energy certificate.

In brief, getting a Green Energy certificate does not change the resource or the type of the energy consumed.

How to Get Green Energy Certificates?

Customers who would like to get a Green Energy certificate shall apply to Enerjisa to prove that some or all of the electricity they consume comes from renewable energy resources. Enerjisa, as the representative of its customer, draws an agreement with the renewable energy generating plants and purchases the Green Energy Right on behalf of the relevant company in the desired type/amount.

Thanks to this right, customers can purchase a 'Renewable Energy Certificate' and prove that all or some of the energy they consume comes from 'Renewable Energy'.

In the meantime, Enerjisa carries out and follows up all required operational works on behalf of its customers.

Getting Green Energy Certificate in 5 steps

Consumption Analysis

Enerjisa examines electricity consumption of its customers and, based on their consumption, determines their green energy requirement.

Green Energy Ratio

Enerjisa offers green energy supply right at ratios specified by its customers. Customers can demand the rate of green energy they require to be between 10% and 100%.

Certificate Type

Customers choose either Renewable Energy Certificate or Carbon Reduction Certificate as specified in the protocol. During the process, Enerjisa collaborates with its customer and provides consultancy for them to determine the most accurate energy certification system.

Contract Signing

Enerjisa prepares a proposal based on the consumption analysis, desired green energy rate and the certificate type. If the offer is agreed upon, the contract is signed.


Depending on the certificate type chosen, Enerjisa delivers the certificate supply document, the amortisation notices at the end of each quarter and the amortisation certificate at the end of the year to its customers. Furthermore, the Company is also responsible for the management and reporting of all the processes.

Why Enerjisa?

By consuming Green Energy, you reduce your carbon footprint and GHG emissions, and contribute to environmental sustainability with this environmentally-friendly practice.

With the Enerjisa Green Energy certificate, you increase the corporate reputation of your company, contribute to the protection of environment and fulfil your company's social responsibilities.

You can benefit from the expertise of Enerjisa in this field, get a Green Energy certificate swiftly and effectively without disrupting your existing business operations.

Enerjisa undertakes every stage of the project, from the beginning to the end, and also provides electricity consumption analysis and energy project management services. So, in the meantime, you can focus on your operations.

Enerjisa provides consultancy services and guidance in your environmental sustainability projects. You can benefit from the expertise of Enerjisa in order for your company to achieve its sustainability goals.

As a result, companies that purchase the right to use these green labeled balls receive a Green Energy certificate. Even though they cannot produce green energy, these companies that have certificates fulfill their social responsibilities, prove their sustainability work with internationally valid certificates and support local green energy producers.

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