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Energy of My Business

Green Energy

What is Green Energy?
There are two types of energy resources: renewable and non-renewable. Fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas are non-renewable energy resources; in other words, they perish when consumed. On the other hand, green energy is energy obtained from natural resources such as the Sun, wind and water; they do not perish when harnessed for energy.

What is Green Energy Certificate?
Green energy certificate is a document that certifies electricity consumption of a company is obtained from renewable resources. Green Energy Certificate documents that energy consumed is obtained from renewable resources in a globally-recognised, transparent, and traceable way.

For the validity of Green Energy Certificates, electricity producers must be a member of international renewable energy certificate systems such as I-REC or Gold Standard. International renewable energy certificate systems such as I-REC and Gold Standard document the electricity is obtained from renewable resources.

How many types of Green Energy Certificates are there?
There are two types of Green Energy Certificates.

  • 1.Carbon Reduction Cerificate
  • 2.Renewable Energy Certificate
What is Renewable Energy Certificate / I-REC Certificate?
I-REC is an international organisation which was established in 2015 in order to determine the standards of Green Energy Certificates. It operates to ensure the authenticity of Green Energy Certificates. I-REC is also the name of an international Renewable Energy Certificate. I-REC aims to contribute to raising awareness in order for consumers to make reliable decisions. Plants that fulfil specified procedures are registered in database generated by I-REC and obtain renewable energy certificates for their energy production. Power plants registered in I-REC system can sell green energy certificates given to them.

What is Carbon Reduction Certificate?
Gold Standard is a globally-recognised certificate program for carbon reduction projects. This program, which is supported by more than 80 NGOs all around the world, and contributes to the development of many projects, is carried out by Gold Standard Foundation. Gold Standard Certificate is used in order to prove that renewable energy projects actually reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, Gold Standard documents that the local population benefits from these projects. Gold Standard Certificate transparently certifies the quality and provability of green energy produced.

To be able to get Gold Standard Certificate, actual reductions in CO2 emissions must be achieved. Gold Standard Certificate supports local renewable energy producers and necessitates participation of local population in the project. Operational processes of Gold Standard Certificate system are undertaken by power plants that produce green energy.

How do Green Energy Systems function?
Power plants using solar energy, hydroelectric or wind energy can also sell “Green Power plants using solar energy, hydroelectric or wind energy can also sell “Green Energy rights” besides selling the electricity they produce. For such sales, power plants become a member of international renewable energy certificate system of I-REC or Gold Standard organizations. Electricity produced by power plants that are registered into these certificate systems, is traced in a transparent manner in accordance with the international standards. This system enables tracing of each unit of electricity produced beginning from the resource until the final consumer. For each 1-unit MWh electricity produced at renewable energy plants (solar, wind, hydroelectric) a certificate is issued. Electricity produced at such plants are reportable and provable electric resources. Therefore, power plants registered by I-REC or Gold Standard Systems not only produce and sell electricity but also get the right to sell “Green Energy Right”.

What Does ‘Green Right’ Mean?
Green Right is a name given to sales of electricity produced from renewable sources by plants that have I-REC or Gold Standard Certificates. Obtaining Green Energy Certificate means to buy the “right” of the energy produced at such plants. An important feature of I-REC and Gold Standard Certificates is the traceability of “Green Right” sales. Therefore, when a company buys “Green Right” power plants producing said energy may not sell this energy to other buyers. Thus, when you get a green energy certificate, you have exclusive use of the energy. Power plants cannot re-sell their ‘Green Right’ to multiple consumers.

In short, consumers with Green Energy Certificate prove that electricity they buy is produced from renewable energy resources, that they have reduced their carbon foot print, and that they consume sustainable energy. Green Energy Certificate is valid in the international arena and is traceable to its source. Moreover, companies that would like to get Green Energy Certificate can also specify what type of renewable energy (hydroelectric, wind, solar) they want to buy.

What is and is not Green Energy Certificate?
  • Green Energy Certificate does not change network or resource of the energy consumed.
  • Green Energy Certificate is a system used only for proving that all or a certain ratio of energy consumed by companies are obtained from renewable energy resources.

Green Energy Certificates are independent of electric supply; they are used only for indicating the resource of the energy consumed. Changing the network or the resource of electricity consumed by the company or the plant is not required to get the Green Energy Certificate. In brief, in order to get Green

How to get Green Energy Certificates?
Companies certified with Green Energy Certificates make an application to Enerjisa in order to prove that the entire quantity or a certain ratio of electricity they consume are generated from renewable energy resources. Enerjisa, in its capacity of being the representative of the company in question, signs an agreement with plants that generate renewable energy and buys green energy rights at desired type and quantity. Based on this right, Enerjisa customers get “Renewable Energy Certificate” that enables them to prove that all or a certain ratio of the energy they consume are from renewable energy resources. During this process, Enerjisa undertakes all operational responsablities and pursues the procedures.
Getting Green Energy Certificate in 5 steps
1. Consumption Analysis
Enerjisa examines electricity consumption of its customers and, based on their consumption, determines their green energy requirement.

2. Green Energy Ratio
Enerjisa provides green energy supply rights according to the ratios specified by its customers. Customers can demand and determine a green energy ratio from 10% to 100%.

3. Certificate Type
As indicated in the protocol, customers select either one of certificate options (I-REC and Gold Standard). In this process, Enerjisa cooperates with its customers and provides consultancy services in determining the most suitable energy certificate system for their company.

4. Contract Signing
Enerjisa prepares an offer that depends on the consumption analysis, required green energy ratio, and certificate type. If an agreement is reached, a contract is then signed.

5. Reporting
Depending on the selected certificate type, Enerjisa shares with its customer the certificate supply document, repayment notices at the end of every quarter, and manages and reports these processes.

What are the benefits of getting Green Energy Certificate for your company?
Companies that are presented an Green Energy Certificate prove that the energy they consume is generated from renewable resources. Standardized green energy certificates certify, trace, and transparently report the resource of electricity consumed. These certificates prove both guarantee and quality. Companies can use these certificates in sustainability and carbon footprint reports of their companies. In Turkey, I-REC certificates are used for proving the resource of renewable electric energy. For companies that have to comply with international standards, green energy certificates are important. In recent years, sustainability practices have become an important requirement for multi-national companies, and thus Green Energy Certificates have become more valuable.

10 Reasons to Get Green Energy Certificate
Green Energy Certificates;
  1. Prove in a transparent way that renewable energy is consumed during production processes.
  2. Enable to be exempt from carbon emission taxes levied on products exported to foreign countries.
  3. Provide support to local investors that produce electricity from renewable energy resources.
  4. Provide support to meet renewable energy strategies. They increase the demand for green energy and support green energy producers; and therefore, they help increasing of market share for green energy sector.
  5. Facilitate carbon footprint reduction and can be used in carbon footprint reports. Green Energy Certificates can be obtained for future consumptions, as well as past consumptions.
  6. Support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  7. Are quickly obtained and help to achieve corporate sustainability standards.
  8. Facilitate increasing the market share of Renewable Energy in total energy consumed in Turkey; hence, decreasing carbon emissions from electricity generation.
  9. Offer commercial benefits, help fulfilling sustainability quotas.
  10. Enable companies to be eligible to apply for green funds of banks, and to get loans that have a prerequisite of consuming green energy.

Green Energy Success Story
As part of Akbank-Enerjisa partnership, in 2021, 20% of the energy that will be consumed by all branches and ATMs of Akbank will be supplied from wind energy. With Enerjisa Green Energy Certificate program, Akbank will provide support to renewable resources producers of Turkey and make positive contribution to the prevention of the climate crisis.

Regarding the project, Hakan Binbaşgil, General Manager of Akbank stated, “Leaving a more habitable world to future generations should be the sustainability priority of all companies. We are carrying on with our efforts to become a carbon-neutral bank until 2025 to zero our emissions from our operations. We took our first step in this matter by building an important partnership with Enerjisa. In 2021, 20% of the energy consumed in all of our branches and ATMs will be generated by wind power”.

Toyota Turkey & Enerjisa
Complying with their sustainable, environmentally-friendly policies, Toyota Turkey opted for the Certified Green Energy among Energy of My Business solutions.
Why Enerjisa?
By consuming green energy, you reduce your carbon footprints, and contribute to a sustainable environment. With Enerjisa Green Energy Certificate, you fulfil your social responsibility. Moreover, Enerjisa enables you to get a Green Energy Certificate in a fast and efficient way, without interrupting your current operations.

  • Enerjisa undertakes all stages of the project, from the beginning to the end.
  • Enerjisa makes electricity consumption analyses and provides energy project management services.
  • Enerjisa provides consultancy services in your environmental sustainability project and provides guidance.

FAQ about Green Energy Certificates
1. What is the difference between Green Energy Certificate and other products?
It is the sale of energy produced by consuming renewable energy resources and it is internationally recognized. There is no need for an energy conversion or energy investment to get Green Energy Certificate. The process is fast and efficient.
2. What does Enerjisa offer to its customers with the Green Energy Certificate?
Enerjisa provides I-REC certificate to its customers. Also, Enerjisa provides consultancy services throughout the process, makes electricity consumption analysis and reports the process.
3. If I buy green energy, will there be a change in my electricity network? Will there be any implementation?
Green Energy Certificate does not require any physical implementation. Enerjisa prepares electricity consumption analysis, manages the process depending on the requested certificate (I-REC and Gold Standard) and finalizes the project rapidly.
4. When I buy Green Energy, do we know that the energy I consume is physically coming from renewable resources?
No. Green Energy Certificates do not indicate directly obtaining energy from a renewable resource. The Green Energy Certificate program is buying the “green right” of energy produced by power plants that produce renewable energy. Certificates prove that all or a certain ratio of the energy consumed is obtained from renewable energy resources by an international certificate.
5. Can we select the resource of the Green Energy Certificate we would like to get?
Enerjisa customers, if they particularly indicate, can select one or more resources among wind, solar, and hydroelectric resources for the certificate they would like to get.
6. Is it possible to get Green Energy Certificate for the past month or year?
To the extent that retrospective credit buying can be applied in the market, certification procedures can be obtained for previous or forthcoming periods. It is be possible to get certificates for past consumption.
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