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Energy of My Business

Energy Efficiency

What is Energy Efficiency?
In simple terms, energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same task. Energy efficiency practices and techniques can result in saving up to 80% in energy costs. Energy efficiency projects aim to decrease general energy consumption by replacing inefficient equipment with energy-efficient equipment, recycling waste energy, and optimising the existing equipment. Energy efficiency helps companies in reaching their sustainability goals and save on energy costs.

Advantages of Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Achieve up to 80% saving in energy expenses,

  • Replace existing equipment with efficient equipment without paying any cost under an ESCO (Energy Performance Contract Model) contract,
  • Receive state grants,
  • Benefit from lower maintenance costs since efficient equipment is long lasting,
  • Use efficiently the exhaustible energy resources,
  • Reduce carbon footprints,
  • Raise Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

Where to apply energy efficiency projects?
Energy efficiency practices can be used anywhere energy is consumed. In energy efficiency, the largest potential belongs to the industrial sector, services sector, and public buildings. Energy efficiency practices reduce the energy consumed at factories and offices. Therefore, it is the most important energy saving area for businesses.
How does the process work?
The purpose of energy efficiency projects is to reduce energy consumptions while protecting existing comfort conditions. It can reduce energy consumptions without making any changes in product or production quality. In line with this goal, Enerjisa’s specialist teams determine the points where energy used is inefficiently, design the project, install the required equipment and operate the system. Enerjisa carries out the conversion process without any financial investment necessary on your behalf.

What is the ESCO (Energy Performance Contract Model) MODEL?
ESCO refers to as the “energy service companies”. With ESCO, or in other words, with the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model, Enerjisa inspects your plants in terms of energy, offers solutions, designs a project and implements that project. Enerjisa facilitates the energy practices to be applied in your company by financing the whole or a part of the investment necessary. Enerjisa guarantees the performance of your equipment which is replaced or made more efficient by the EPC model. Therefore, Enerjisa guarantees the performance of the project

Enerjisa prepares a repayment model as part of Energy Performance Contract Model (EPC) based on the anticipated energy saving and guarantees the performance of the replaced or improved equipment.

You repay during the term of the contract signed by and between Enerjisa and your company, based on the saving achieved. Therefore, you switch to a more energy efficient system without a cost.

Enerjisa begins to work primarily by understanding your energy requirement and corporate goals. Then, Enerjisa organises fieldwork, evaluates existing energy consumption of your company, and the efficiency of the machines you use. Consequently, Enerjisa designs an energy efficiency project. Enerjisa carries out the energy efficiency project that the company designs through EPC model.

EPC contract includes,
  • Extent of investment and its time schedule,
  • Targeted amount of energy conservation and its anticipated equivalent of money,
  • The contract is signed based on the estimated energy conservation.

In Enerjisa EPC model, Enerjisa undertakes,
  • Obtaining all permissions required for the project,
  • All financial and technical risks,
  • Providing consultancy and technical support throughout the contract period.

With the ESCO model, Enerjisa guarantees the performance of the project, the replaced or improved equipment.

How Does the Process for the Enerjisa EPC Model Work?
  • Enerjisa determines whether or not your business is suitable for energy conversion.
  • Enerjisa makes detailed energy efficiency evaluation and conducts a field study.
  • Enerjisa estimates your saving as a result of the conversion.
  • Enerjisa prepares a “project specific” EPC proposal which includes an energy performance guarantee.
  • Enerjisa covers the investment required for energy conversion; or, depending on the desire and conditions, Enerjisa becomes a partner in financing of the investment.
  • Specialist engineer teams prepare projects special for you.
  • Enerjisa supplies necessary equipment, undertakes its installation and manages the process.
  • Enerjisa analyses the installation, measures performance and reports it.
  • Enerjisa undertakes all technical and financial risks.
  • Enerjisa estimates how much savings can be achieved with the project and reports it.
  • Enerjisa provides technical support and consultancy throughout the project.
  • Enerjisa undertakes maintenance and inspections of your project throughout the contract period.

What do Enerjisa Energy Efficiency Practices include?

  • High efficiency LED lighting projects,
  • Waste heat recovery projects,
  • HVAC optimisation and renewal of HVAC systems:
    o Optimisation or renewal of heating systems and boilers,
    o Optimisation or renewal of cooling systems,
    o Optimisation or renewal of air-conditioning systems.
  • Optimisation or renewal of electric motors
  • Optimisation or renewal of compressed air systems
We manage processes that require experience such as project planning, purchasing, installation, verification, maintenance and certification for you.
By analyzing the current status of the facility via field assessment, we identify the inefficient spots.
By determining the efficiency/savings potential of the facility, we target the maximum efficiency that can be achieved by the combination of alternative solutions.
We relieve your burden concerning the investment finance with a savings-based sharing model.
We undertake the risks by providing product and performance guarantee during the contract term.
1) LED Lighting Projects
Enerjisa completely renews the lighting system of your building or factory. During this process, your production capabilities will not be affected and there will not be any disruption in electric energy of your plant. Enerjisa replaces your existing electric system with efficient LED armatures, and, if required, installs lighting automation and maximises your system efficiency. If installation of an automation system is agreed on, the system enables you to save energy by using sunlight sensors during the most efficient hours of solar rays. Enerjisa saves up to 40% to 80% energy in terms of your consumption during lighting through ‘Enerjisa Lighting Efficiency’ projects. Enerjisa specialist teams carry out turnkey projects with efficient planning and rapid installation.

  • Renewed LED armatures and automation systems have 5 years of equipment guarantee.
  • If requested, Enerjisa redesigns the system using simulation software.
  • With LED conversion, life cycle of your lighting will be 50,000 hours or longer.
  • Maintenance cost of your lighting system will be reduced.

2) Waste Heat Recovery Projects
All plants and buildings consume heat, and a big part of the heat consumed is wasted. Waste heat recovery means recovering the energy wasted. With waste heat recovery, cost-free fuel is used; you convert the thrown out and wasted energy to your benefit. All systems, including furnaces, boilers, etc., emit waste heat to the atmosphere. The ratio of the waste heat ranges between 20% to 30%, depending on the production type. Recovery of the wasted heat thrown into the air results in significant savings in fuel invoices.

Quantity of the waste heat is determined by the specialist teams of Enerjisa and reintroduced to the system without causing any disruption in production capacity and product quality. Recovered energy can be used by the plant at any point needed. It is recovered to the system for heating water, electric power production, steam production and boiling oil operations. With Enerjisa Waste Heat Recovery Practices, you achieve saving by recovering heat energy thrown to the air from the chimney to the system.

3) HVAC Efficiency Projects
Enerjisa increases efficiency of your existing HVAC system or renews your system from beginning to end. Optimisation of central heating, ventilation and HVAC system in plants and buildings is a great potential for energy saving. Heating or cooling system of a plant or building constitutes nearly 65% or 70% of total energy consumption. By renewing your HVAC system with its ‘HVAC Efficiency Practices’, Enerjisa enables you to pay lower energy bills. Enerjisa evaluates the efficiency of boilers, heating systems, cooling systems, pumps and fans at your plant. Specialist engineer teams determine system inefficiencies and design a tailor-made project to maximise the efficiency performance of your HVAC system. Enerjisa HVAC projects cover; frequency control of pumps and fans, recovery of waste heat from boilers, improving combustion systems and increasing the efficiency of cooling groups. Your existing production and working comfort will not be disrupted. Your maintenance costs will be reduced. Enerjisa evaluates the system as a whole and redesigns it so that the entire system efficiency will be improved. Enerjisa HVAC projects increases overall efficiency of your system

4) Electric Motor Efficiency Projects
Electric Motors consume the largest part of the electric energy used in production plants. Enerjisa Electric Motor Efficiency Projects include optimisation or renewal of your existing system. Enerjisa replaces existing electric motors with efficient electric motors. For optimisation of your existing system, it uses frequency inverters (variable speed drives) in electric motors that work at variable loads. These variable speed drives yield electric savings at ratios of 20% to 60%. This prevents energy loss. With variable speed drive, it enables electric motors to work at necessary performance and power. Efficient equipment reduces maintenance costs and increases energy savings.

5) Heat Recovery with Compressed Air Systems
Energy costs of businesses that have compressed air systems operating in low efficiencies would increase. Compressed air systems convert 90% of electric energy consumed to heat and only 10% is transferred to compressed air as useful energy. Thus, it is one of the mosy inefficienty systems in businesses. One year of electric consumption of a typical compressed air system equals to the investment cost of the system.

Enerjisa specialist teams determine the losses and leakage in the compressed air system. Efficiency is maximised by using compressors with frequency invertors. Waste heat is recycled to be used at various areas in the plant. Enerjisa achieves energy savings around 10% to 40% by increasing the efficiency of the compressed air systems.

Why Enerjisa?
Enerjisa Energy Efficiency Projects bring the existing equipment to an efficient state or replace them. Our goal is to increase the productivity of your plant and promote sustainability, while reducing its energy consumption. Use of efficient equipment in your plant reduces your costs and you also contribute to the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. Furthermore, Enerjisa implements Energy efficiency practices without causing any disruptions in your regular operation activities.

  • Enerjisa guarantees performance of your energy efficiency activities.
  • Enerjisa completely of partially finances your investment.
  • Enerjisa undertakes all stages of the project; from the beginning to the end.
  • Enerjisa provides comprehensive services such as preliminary analysis, field study, detailed project design, procurement, installation, project management and consultancy services.
  • Enerjisa enables you contribute to the reduction of air pollution, and guides you how to serve the environment and the future with reduced carbon emissions.
  • Enerjisa undertakes all technical and financial risks

Enerjisa Success Stories
1- Enerjisa carried out a successful project with Ufuk University Hospital. Enerjisa undertook financing of the entire investment. As a result of the energy efficiency project, annually 665,118 kWh of energy saving was achieved. By mounting 2,716 LED armatures as part of the project, sustainable energy saving was ensured.

2- Enerjisa launched a big project with Ümraniye Municipality. During the LED lighting conversion project, Enerjisa undertook all costs, including investment financing. 2,981 LED armatures were mounted as part of the energy efficiency project and a total of 892,785 kWh saving was achieved annually. As a result of this 4-year contract executed between Enerjisa and Ümraniye Municipality in 2019, the project will complete its repayment in 2023

3- Enerjisa carried out a productive project with Özçay Agricultural Development Cooperative. During the LED Lighting Conversion Project, Enerjisa overtook 100% of the investment financing. As a result of energy efficiency project, 46,956 kWh was saved annually. A total of 260 LED armatures were installed as part of the project, and sustainability of savings was provided. Repayment of project will be completed during the 4-year-long contract executed between Enerjisa and Özçay Agricultural Development Cooperative.

4- Enerjisa carried out parking lot lighting conversion project with Hilton Kozyatağı. In this successful project, 100% of investment financing was borne by Enerjisa and 78,960 kWh of energy was saved annually. As part of this project, 235 LED armatures were used. During 20-month contract period, repayment of energy efficiency project executed between Enerjisa and Hilton Kozyatağı was completed.

5- Enerjisa launched a lighting conversion project with TOBB Ebü Hospital. In this big project, 100% of investment financing was borne by Enerjisa, and an annual energy saving of 767,000 kWh was estimated. 2,201 LED armatures were used as part of the project. In this 5-year-long contract executed between Enerjisa and TOBB Ebü Hospital, repayment of energy efficiency project will be completed in 2024. 55% of the energy saved as part of this project will be taken by TOBB Ebü Hospital and once the contract is completed, all savings will belong to the company.
Energy Efficiency Investment Incentives
PGP means “Productivity Growth Project”. It is a grant support program provided to business projects by the Ministry of Energy for reducing energy consumption which creates a great burden on Turkish economy and for using energy resources in the most efficient way.

As part of PGP, the purpose is to prevent unnecessary use of energy, prevent or minimise waste energy, energy losses or leakages. The Ministry of Energy provides grants in processes such as equipment and system optimisation, repair and equipment renewal. Grant amount is determined as a maximum of 30% of the total project amount. The grant is provided to projects with an investment amount of maximum 5 million Turkish Lira, excluding VAT. In other words, PGPs that require an investment amount specified as maximum 5,000,000 TL can be supported by a ratio of 30%, i.e., a maximum of 1,500,000 TL grant.

What shall a business do to apply for PGP?
Companies that would like to be granted the PGP support must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Companies shall be registered in the database of the Ministry of Energy,
  • Companies shall have ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate (or they must have initiated the application process).
  • Companies shall be registered to the Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Industry.
  • The annual energy consumption of the company shall be at least 500 TOE (tonne of oil equivalent) or more.

What is Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EEC)?
Energy Efficiency Consultancy companies, in other words, EECs provide consultancy services to institutions in their PGP project applications. Businesses that would like to obtain grant support can make PGP applications through Enerjisa business partners.

All businesses annual energy consumption of which are 500 TOE or above and that have fulfilled other requirements may benefit from grants by submitting a PGP folder prepared by an Energy Efficiency Consultancy Company (EEC) authorised by DGoRE (Directorate General of Renewable Energy). PGP folder preparation and consultancy fees vary according to the type of the work to be done.

For more information on PGP, please contact Enerjisa.

What are other incentives?
Pursuant to regulations, businesses can also get the following support as part of Region 5 Incentives;

  • Customs Tax Exemption,
  • VAT Exemption
  • Tax reduction,
  • Insurance premium employer’s share support
  • Investment place allocation,
  • Interest support.

Another grant incentive is Voluntary Agreements. An industrial enterprise benefits from a Voluntary Agreement when it reduces its past five years reference energy density by 10% within 3 years following the execution of the agreement. Accordingly, the enterprise can receive 30% of its total energy invoice of for the year of agreement as a grant. The upper limit for this incentive is 1,000,000 TL. In order to apply for the incentive, annual energy consumption of the industrial enterprise shall be 500 TOE (tonne of oil equivalent) or above, and the enterprise shall be certified with ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

FAQ About Energy Efficiency
1. How can project financing be obtained, what are my payment options?
Enerjisa Energy Efficiency Projects are carried out as part of the ESCO model. ESCO refers to as “energy service companies”. Enerjisa inspects your plants in terms of energy, offers solutions, designs and implements with ESCO, or, in other words, with Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model. Enerjisa facilitates productivity practices of your company by providing completely or partially financing the investment. Enerjisa guarantees performance of your equipment which is renewed or made efficient with the EPC model. Thus, Enerjisa enables performance guaranteed saving. Enerjisa sets up a repayment model based on estimated saving under Energy Performance Contract Model (EPC) and gets repaid based on the saving achieved during the contract period; therefore, you achieve a cost-free energy efficiency conversion.
2. As part of the Energy Efficiency Project, is there a guarantee for replaced parts and renewed equipment?
Yes. There is a guarantee for parts replaced by Enerjisa or equipment renewed as part of Energy Efficiency Projects. Duration and extent of guarantees vary according to the brand and model of equipment. Equipment such as boilers, chillers, electric motors have a minimum of 2-year guarantee.
3. Can we select the product, equipment and brands that will be used in the project?
Yes. Enerjisa prepares product and brand proposals for Energy Efficiency Projects. However, a different brand can be preferred, and provided that the brands offer the desired quality and performance standards, project can be carried out with the preferred brands and products.
4. How long is the contract period?
Maximum period for the Enerjisa EPC contracts is 10 years. Following the field study, contract period is exclusively determined for each project.
5. Is field study compulsory?
First of all, you must fill out the information form prepared by Enerjisa. If criteria determined in information form are suitable for the Energy Efficiency Project, an Enerjisa specialist conducts a field study.
6. Is maintenance service included in Energy Efficiency projects?
Yes. Enerjisa provides maintenance and consultancy services free of charge during the EPC contract period.
7. I don’t have any existing inventory of my plant; I cannot provide the information demanded by Enerjisa. In this case, how does the project proceed?
You must fill out the information form and provide all required information for Enerjisa teams to begin the study.
8. Do you conduct Energy Audit?
Yes. In Energy Efficiency Projects, Enerjisa primarily begins with a preliminary survey at plants and prepares a preliminary survey report. Afterwards, Enerjisa carries out project-based field survey/measurement works.
9. What is PGP? How can a customer apply for PGP?
PGP is referred to as “Productivity Growth Project” and it is the grant support program that the Ministry of Energy provides for businesses. Grant support amount is determined as a maximum of 30% of the project amount. The grant is provided to projects of which the investment amount is maximum 5 million TL, excluding VAT. PGPs, of which the investment amount is specified as maximum 5,000,000 TL in the project, are supported with a maximum of 30%; i.e., maximum 1,500,000 TL as a grant.
10. Does Enerjisa provide consultancy services for obtaining PGP support?
Enerjisa provides PGP consultancy service and assist you during the application process through its partner companies. Prerequisite of obtaining PGP support is that your energy consumption must be higher than 500 TOE.
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