What can you do to save energy?

#1 Room temperature: Even 1 degree lowering of the room temperature reduces energy consumption by 6% you use for heating.

#2 Lowering the temperature at night: You can reduce the temperature of your home at night at least 5%. You can prevent unnecessary heat loss by closing blinds and curtains.

#3 Heating system pipes: Heat has to come a long way from the boiler to the radiators in your home. You may prevent cooling of the water and reduce the energy loss by giving importance to the insulation of the heating pipes.

#4 Radiators: If radiators in your home are mounted in a pit, they lose a large amount of heat from the thin walls behind them. The isolation of these walls will minimize heat loss. Furthermore, the radiators must not fall behind the curtains since it reduces emission of heat.

#5 Stand-by mode: In your home; electrical appliances such as TV, computer, and water heaters that constantly remain in stand-by mode consume electricity. If you turn off your electrical appliances completely rather than leaving them in constant stand-by mode, you can save money in the amount of up to 150 TL on your annual electricity bill.

#6 Electrical outlets: Even when no electric device is turned on, the power supply units and fillers in your devices constantly consume electricity. Therefore, to unplug unnecessary plugs also contributes to energy saving.

#7 Bulbs: If you replace the lighting which remain on for long with energy saving bulbs, it affects your electricity consumption seriously. These bulbs consume 80% less energy than a normal light bulb and they last 10 times longer.

#8 Air Conditioning: To reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning in your home, do not leave the windows spaced when the air conditioner is on.

#9 Rooms in your home: Every room in your home is not required to be heated or cooled equally. You can reduce your energy consumption by adjusting the temperature of each room according to the use of the room.

#10 Insulation: With insulation in your home, you can reduce heat loss and save money on your energy consumption.

#11 New electronic equipment: When you buy a new electronic device, avoid buying one above class A. If you prefer A + or A ++ products when you buy cooler or freezer, you spend 33-40% less energy compared to an A class device.

#12 Multi-time schedule: If you consume more energy in the evening in your home, you can benefit from electricity consumption at more favourable unit prices through the multi-time schedule tariff (We highly recommend to our consumers who always do the laundry after 10 pm).