Your seasonal consumption, read before your bills are edited, is compared to your past 12 month consumption. If there is a difference in your consumption, our system will automatically check your bill in detail. If it is determined that the amount of consumption to be billed is also incorrect, the bill is issued after necessary corrections are made. This process is carried out on a regular basis, so that the bill is tried to be delivered to you in the most accurate and error-free manner. All of these processes are carried out by Enerjisa in order to protect you even if you do not have a request or application. However, if you think your bill is still an error, you can reach us on 444 4 372 7 days 24 hours.

As of the date the electricity bill is cut, the billing date is automatically reflected in your last payment date. However, sometimes the life in the hustle and bustle of life, even forget to pay the bill. At such times, Enerjisa will send you an informational message about your bills that have passed the due date, so we try to prevent you from experiencing any adverse events. Update your contact information immediately by contacting us from 444 4 372, and be aware of your bill payment status.

The invoices sent in the electronic environment make our life easier. You can also receive your electric bills by SMS or e-mail now, and you can contribute to the environment while preventing the risk of disappearing. The invoices sent in electronic form have no difference from the paper fee issued for you. You can ask us to arrange your invoices electronically on 444 4 372 and you can add your convenience to your life.

With Enerjisa Mobil you can apply for your electricity, find the closest Enerjisa, save energy tips, planned energy cuts for infrastructure development in your area, billing details from your tariff details. Download Enerjisa Mobile right from the application market of your smartphone, and come to your mobile.

In Enerjisa Mobil you can view your bills as well as many transactions you can do, and you can easily pay for them from the same application. You can also view your past invoices and easily compare invoices. In addition to keeping track of your bills comfortably, you will save time when you do not think about the bill. Immediately download Enerjisa Mobil from your smartphone's application market, and do not worry about your bills.

A benefit of Enerjisa Mobil is that you can display your Monthly Consumption History at any time and you can compare your consumption with the average consumption of Enerjisa subscribers in your area. If you wish, we can send these analyzes by email in certain intervals. Call 444 4 372 immediately, update your contact details, periodically analyze your e-mail address.

You can reach us easily from many channels at any time. We are at your service with our Customer Service Centers where you can make all electricity subscription transactions and our Authorized Payment Centers where you can pay your invoices, as well as with our digital channels and Call Center, which you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please click for all our channels.

By offering energy conservation, we offer tips on how to make it easier for our customers to come to Enerjisalılar and then to teach them how to save money to all of Turkey. We offer special suggestions with a survey that will not understand your consumption habits for our savings suggestions that you can reach everywhere on both and Enerjisa Mobil. Click now, start the survey.

We have not forgotten our children and we have prepared a game for them to learn how to have fun and how to save money. We aim to make our children, who set up their own cities as they save money, realize the importance of saving and make it a part of their lives. Just click on the link and learn the details of the game, download it to your phone and start the entertainment.