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What do the cost items I see on my bill mean (Energy Consumption Cost, Energy Fund, TRT Share, VAT and EGC Tax)?
Please find below the descriptions of the cost items found on your electricity bill as per legal regulations:

Energy Consumption Cost: Unit prices of the invoice items are determined by EMRA. Energy consumption cost consists of system investment expenses as part of the operation of all electricity activities, unit prices such as system operation, technical or nontechnical losses, service cost for shutting off-connecting, meter reading and infrastructure costs provided in order to obtain reactive energy from the system, and all the items determined by EMRA. Thus, energy consumption cost includes all the remaining costs mentioned after taxes, funds and shares in the final invoice have been deducted.

Energy Fund: This is the contribution share for sector infrastructure expenses determined by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and our Company is obligated to show this cost on the bills as per the relevant regulation and to pay this amount directly to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. It is the cost taken as 0,7% of active energy consumption amount as per Law no. 3096 on Electricity Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Trade of the Organisations other than Turkish Electricity Administration. (Before January 1, 2021, the Energy Fund rate was taken as %1 over the active energy consumption amount.) This item will not be reflected in the invoice as of 01.01.2022.

TRT Share: It is the cost taken as 2% of active electricity cost as per TRT Revenues Laws and directly paid to TRT. Customers with industrial registry certification and Organised Industrial Zones are exempted from TRT share. This item will not be reflected in the invoice as of 01.01.2022.

VAT: It is the cost calculated over the bill as per article 10 clause G of Law no. 3065 on VAT.

EGC Tax (Electricity and Gas Consumption Tax): (Municipality Consumption Tax) It is enforced as per Municipality Revenues Law no. 2464. The amount is calculated over the active energy consumption.

5%: All subscribers who are not in the positions described below are charged with Municipality Consumption Tax as 5% of active energy consumption.

1%: Application area; Manufacture, Production, Transportation, Loading, Unloading, Cooling, Wired and wireless telegraph and telephone communication.

0%: As long as non-profit, social welfare institutions such as Hospitals, Dispensaries, Community Healthcare Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Maternity and Nursery Centres, Kindergartens, Sanatorium, Orphanages, Child Protection Agency etc., Temples (Mosques, Prayer Rooms, Churches, Synagogues, etc.), International; electricity consumed at pavilions which exhibit and sell Goods at Fairs, Expos, Trade Shows; Organisations which directly generate and distribute electricity and customers outside of urban areas.
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