Life in Enerjisa

Life in Enerjisa

As the Energy of Turkey, we work hard for our country and pioneer the transformation in our industry. We reach 9,2 million customers in 14 provices and provide distribution services to approximately 20 million users.

We are proud of undersigning the investments carrying our country forward and the significant achievements making difference.

We aim to increase the quality of life for all of our stakeholders we touch by leading to the transfer of the highest quality of service to the energy industry with the most competent human resources.

We consider our human resources to be our greatest power on the pathway to our target.

With our human resources investments we have realized in line with this awareness, we establish systems that support the continuous development of our employees, enabling them to demonstrate their talents and reveal their potential in an environment where the difference makers are recognized.

As well as these systems, we aim to offer a pleasant and significant career journey our employees who are our most valuable assets, as of their first day in Enerjisa.

Because, we are the Energy of Turkey by the strength we get from our employees.


We Are Partners In Safety

It is our primary duty to provide a safe environment for our employees, contractors, customers and the community. With this mission, we work in cooperation with Enerjisa Executive Team and employees on Occupational Health and Safety, and we expect everyone who joins us to share the same responsibility.

Because we know that; any kind of accident can be prevented when necessary safety measures are taken. It is our common responsibility to take these measures in Enerjisa.


Enerjisa, Equal at Work

As Enerjisa, we know that each of us add a different color to Enerjisa and we value this diversity. With this awareness, we work for creating equal employment in prioritized areas such as “women, disabled, age and location” defined with our vision established for overcoming “inequality” which is one of the most radical problems in professional life.

Because we are aware that every person has the right to develop himself/herself and work in a manner that will support his/her living without discrimination about his/her gender, physical condition, age or residence.


Wings Up

We believe that societies where women and men are equal takes us to happiness and success.

With this awareness, we work to provide balance, power, equality and unity in society by supporting gender equality in business life.

By our Wings Up Program, we aim to enable our women and men employees to make a difference in their work and personal lives being aware of their talents and strengths.

With Wings Up, we aim to strengthen the egalitarian perspective in our society starting from Enerjisa.


Energetic Hearts 

It is very important for us to ensure that our operations contribute to the national economy, and our social responsibility activities to the society. In this sense, we take the major support from our employees in our social responsibility projects that we carry out to create sustainable value in society.

We actualize the suggestions we receive from our employees via our Energetic Volunteers platform with their voluntary support as well.

By the help of the interest and support of our employees to our social projects, we are very excited to actualize our new projects.