Alternative Energy Solutions

Distributed Generation

With the strategy of being in each cycle of energy-chain, Enerjisa has first started to operate in Distributed Generation business on October 2014. In Distributed Generation business unit, it is aimed to provide solutions to meet the energy needs of clients through on-site generation facilities, improving energy efficiency and enabling customers to become players in the market with their consumption in business models similar to those examples in Europe and US. In pursuit of these objectives, there are three sub-functions within the Distributed Generation department; On-Site Generation, Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Participation (VPP).

On-Site Generation

We provide solutions regardless of any technology to help you to generate your energy where you consume without bearing any investment cost.

Energy Efficiency

We develop and implement energy efficiency projects to help you consume energy more efficiently at your site.

Demand Side Participation (VPP)

We create discount on your energy bill by evaluating your flexible loads in energy market.